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However, this rare convergence may occur as it is ritually performed by the Mescalero Apache in 'Is á n á kl é sh Gotal. In “The Medicine Bag” a young boy named Martin is passed down an important family … RITES OF PASSAGE: NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN RITES. In both passages there are similarities and differences between the Rite of Passage. The ceremony takes place in the summer following the girl’s first menstruation (always begins on a Friday). It shows the rites of passage of an Apache girl. How does Dachina's coming of age ritual symbolize the milestones she has reached on her path to "womanhood", adulthood? Community members take part in a four-day feast and celebration, which ends with a blessing of the … Crown Dancers trace patterns around it. Gennep demonstrated that most cultural rites … When Arnold van Gennep wrote about rites of passage, he commented that rarely do physical and social puberty converge. Every Independence Day at the Mescalero Apache tribal lands in New Mexico, the public is invited to witness the tribe’s traditional puberty rites, a series of rituals deeply connected to the Apache deity White Painted Lady. On the rim, all the Apache women and all the Apache daughters form a circle that slowly revolves. The Apache people, based in the Southwest of the United States, have many spiritual rituals, ceremonies, and myths. In “Apache Girls Rite of Passage” a documentary is made about an important ritual that Apache girls participate in to change from a girl to a woman. “Apache Girl’s Rite of Passage” video is about Dachina becoming a woman in her tribe and what she has to go through to become one. Start studying Apache girl. The Apache Sunrise ceremony or na’ii’ees is an arduous 4 day ceremony that an Apache girl goes through after her first menstruation (the “moon cycle”). Finally, the girls and their elders melt into the tepee, disappearing within its walls. A bonfire fed by entire tree trunks roars in the middle of the dance circle. Rites of Passage Essay The stories “The Medicine Bag” and “Apache Girls Rite of Passage” both explain the important traditions that transition a child to adulthood. Name: _____ Date: _____ Block: _____ Apache Girl’s Rites of Passage Comprehension Check Directions: Answer each of the following questions using BLUE FONT in complete sentences. One prominent rite of passage of the Mescalero Apache, the initiation ceremony for a girl into womanhood, involves the entire community’s participation. “Cherokee Night Ritual Into Manhood” story is about how the Cherokee boys turn into men by staying in the woods all night. The purpose of Dachina's coming-of-age ritual is to make her an Apache woman so that she can serve as a symbol of her culture and … They are a planet unto themselves, these women. Rite of passage describes the rites and rituals observed in conventional cultures and their value to both the dynamic of the individual and the community life in the culture. 1. Rites of Passage The term rite of passage was first defined by anthropologist Arnold van Gennep. This clip seemed important to me as it demonstrates traditional rites of passage in a modern and western society and it focuses on the female transformation from girl to woman rather than a transformation from a boy to man which are so often the examples we study. Readers will have to attend the 2017 rites to experience those wonders for themselves. There are also advantages and disadvantages of presenting a story in text or in a video. Rituals mark the transition of a person through different stages of life. Girl's Rite of Passage Description: Apache girls take part in ancient tests of strength, endurance and character that will make them women and prepare them for the trials of womanhood. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. What is the purpose of Dachina’s coming of age ritual?

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