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There should be only two shakes, at most, on the trill in m. 12. Editor: W. Ferling, Revised by Andraud > 7th Grade Honor Band Roster > 8th & 9th Grade Honor Band Rosters. You will need to open your embouchure and throat for the lower notes of the large down slurs, but try to avoid playing the low notes too loudly. To do your best you should be … Play the grace notes just slightly before the second beat in those measures for best results. Make sure we can see your hands and follow all instructions from the videos below. Page(s): 3 A full range chromatic scale slurred up and tongued down. These etudes should be played as musically as possible and should express lots of detail in your approach to dynamics, phrase shaping, articulation, and … Fingerings: The G-sharp above the staff generally speaks better with your whisper key down and a small half hole. or rit.). Key: G Major (Revised 7/14) Pennsylvania Music Educators Association is a statewide nonprofit organization of over 4,500 members, dedicated to promoting the musical development of all Pennsylvanians. In m. 19, 20, 23, and 24, be sure to play the C with your left hand pinky. Key: Editor: Julie Davila Etude Title: No. Editor: Mary Karen Clardy This etude allows the performer to reveal their technical brilliance though clean articulation, steady rhythms and a consistent tone quality throughout the range of the instrument. Sight Reading - students will perform a sight reading exercise on timpani. Play this etude with expressive vibrato, forward motion to destination notes and elegant tapers at the ends of phrases. Performance Guide: 2. 4 and 38 take the same amount of time as two thirty-second notes. Make sure you do not tense up or over-relax your embouchure to play the low notes. Virtual Audition Information. 22-39. That combination of talents created some of the most beautiful, engaging study materials for low brass. Make the notes occupy that full time value within the tempo you choose. Although the time signature is 3/2, it will be easier to think in quarter notes (six to the measure) in order to play the different types of divisions of the beat accurately, with the correct proportions of eighth notes, sixteenth notes, and thirty-second notes. Using a “doo” or “dee” syllable will help. Use a natural slur, when possible, from the grace note to the main note. High School Band Wind and Band Audition Excerpts 2020-21 Note to directors: The unison etude listed below was sent out over the SW district HS band email group. Page(s): 4-5 For Gb in m. 19, 20, and beat 2 of 24, you will need to ‘flop’ the fingering between your RH index finger and middle finger. Book Title: Impressions on Wood Observing standard performance practice, trills (marked “tr” in mm. ), eighth-dotted eighth-sixteenth notes (mm. Editor: H. Voxman Etude Selector Video Performance Guide, Etude Title: No. 5. Tempo: Quarter note 56–68, Errata: M. 46 - the first two notes should be dotted eighths (not dotted sixteenths). Publisher: Southern Music Company Vladislav Blazhevich (1881-1942) was Russia’s greatest 20th century trombone pedagogue (Moscow Conservatory) and was also an accomplished composer. You will need to open your embouchure and throat for the lower notes of the large down slurs, but try to avoid playing the low notes too loudly. click here for some sight reading tips and practice materials. Etude Title: Romanze Remember to maintain constant breath support and to minimize any jaw motion. Etude Title: 40 Studies, No. 2020-2021 All-State Band Audition Information. These etudes should be played as musically as possible and should express lots of detail in your approach to dynamics, phrase shaping, articulation, and musicality. The final three eighth notes of ms. 9, the final two eighths of ms. 10, and the downbeat of ms. 11 require melodic tuning on a single drum—that is, each of these pitches is played on the 26" drum. Publisher: Rubank / Hal Leonard Care should also be given to distinguish between accented and non-accented ornaments. Editor: Milde, Edited by Kovar Even though it is not a flick note, tapping the A flick key on the G-sharp will help. Book Title: Selected Studies for Oboe Tempo: Quarter Note = 92–120, Errata: A full range chromatic scale slurred up and tongued down. As indicated above, this etude includes several tempo changes. 36 Page(s): 38-39 Key: Tempo: Dotted Quarter Note = 60–68 Play from Beginning to and through the down beat of ms. 80. This beautiful etude gives you the opportunity to express yourself with a full range of dynamics and to demonstrate your control by tapering notes at the ends of phrases. District Band Auditions. Follow the “landscape” or direction of the notes to create musical and dynamic shaping. Centering pitches between large intervallic leaps is a crucial element of this etude. Practice subdividing all long notes and develop comfort with the meter by singing your part while conducting in three. Keep embouchure pressure around the mouthpiece consistently firm, particularly in the larger leaps. Also, practice playing only the first 5 notes several times before putting it back into context. Make your expressiveness seem natural and spontaneous, not contrived. I recommend practicing with appropriate subdivisions on a metronome as much as possible to make sure that the longer notes are not compressed or elongated. Break the slur/tie and breathe after beat 1 in measure 23. In measures that start with a quarter note that is not marked staccato, you may choose to make a slight space before the following eighths, but keep your style consistent. Key: Soprano Clarinets Selection 1. Book Title: Selected Studies a. Also work for evenness of tone color in all registers. The 20-21 High School Band Auditions will be virtual. Edition: No. In scale passages remember to adjust your half holes for adjacent F-sharp and G-sharp, using a larger opening for F-sharp and smaller opening for G-sharp, and flick as many A-naturals as possible, taking care to close your half hole completely to avoid distortion. Finally, the descending lines with dotted rhythms in mm. Page(s): 13 A copy of your music must be submitted with your audition. 2019-20 GMEA Middle School All-State/District Honor Band Etudes Made with the best of intentions-I'll add more as I find them. Please contact Band Chair Jacob Miller if you did not receive that email. Tempo: Eighth Note = 76–88, Errata: The Junior High All-District Clinic originally scheduled for February 19-20, 2021 at Union High School has been canceled. m. 44: Starting with the 2nd note, play the entire measure one octave higher (8va). In m. 8, use the high F-sharp fingering with the right pinky on the F key rather than the right thumb on the B-flat key since the preceding half-hole F-sharp involves your right thumb. m. 3- C is up the octave 5, 15, and 24. The downbeat of m. 11 should be a D (as in m.44). These long rolls will expose the player’s ability to produce a consistent and rich sound. The breaths simply need to be placed musically. Every phrase has shape, even when there are no crescendos and decrescendos. The first three lines are an excellent example of subtle style / mood changes in the piece – an opening march style (not without shape), a more majestic forte approach (still with weight differential), and a more lyrical, lighter version in the dolce section. Performance Guide: dotted-quarter = 69. District 7 will have 'Virtual' auditions this year. m. 26- C is up the octave, Performance Guide: Etude Selector Video Performance Guide, Etude Title: 4 Break the slur and breathe after downbeat in measure 5. Percussionists at the State audition level will perform three etudes, on snare, keyboard, and timpani. The trills do not require an upper neighbor or resolution notes (senza risoluzione). All-District Band Auditions The 20-21 Middle School Band Auditions have been canceled. Key: Evenness of sound will also be very important especially in the wide interval skips. Single-tonguing the triplets should be possible throughout the recommended tempo range, although triple tonguing may be an easier option for some at the upper end of the tempo range. ... 26 Etudes, The Solo Timpanist, Vic Firth, published by Carl Fischer (04402). Etude Selector Video Performance Guide, Etude Title: Mystic Fire 35-36 is most tricky, and careful experimentation with sticking approaches will be critical. Edition: No. 2. For this style it would sound very much out of character. Publisher: Carl Fischer For sixteenth notes without markings, hear the beginnings of notes clearly using a light tongue stroke (m. 14, 16, 18, 23, 24, etc.) Tempo: Quarter note 174–182. :-) Performance Guide: A musically satisfying performance will profit from a sense of rubato throughout. m. 24- C is up the octave The etude should sound fun to play and it should also be fun for the listener. The proper method here is not to simply play a glissando, but instead to snap the pedal to each pitch nearly simultaneously with the mallet striking the head. 9-10. In m. 7, slur the two grace notes into the downbeat of the following high G. Performance Guide: Page(s): 34 Piccolo: You will need to use a metronome and start at a tempo that will allow you to play continuously without stumbling. 58 Key: D Major Play all the lower trigger register octaves suggested throughout the piece. The accents should be dry with slight decay m. 35, etc (the low C’s are not the focal point of this section). Etude Selector Video Performance Guide, Etude Title: D Major - Con fuoco Whatever mood or character best helps you ‘feel’ the music, that is fine. Tempo: Half Note = 104–124, Errata: The alternation between ruffs and flams in mm. Allargando- widening or stretching, Book Title: Artistic Studies, Book 1 - From the French School 9 & 10, etc. Page(s): 69 In measures 8, 24, and 26, the fortissimos should be on the 4th beat of the measure, Make sure your videos are a perfect and flawless as possible. The portato notes in m. 60 and m. 64 should not be over-tongued. Page(s): 32 All note values in this measure are suggested and are not to be played exactly in tempo. Page(s): 52 The student’s director must be a member of KMEA, will register each audition online, and send the Audition Invoice with appropriate payment to the KMEA All-State Ensembles Manager.

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