polish mashed potato pancakes

I know as I had to grate potatoes and onion for a family of 6 and everyone loved them. On top, they’re garnished with a variety of toppings. Grated raw potatoes can become gray rather fast. Oh yeah, at the age of 8 I even had a sm glass of wine and she would always say that is good for you, the wine was “MUSCATEL” ,now I can’t find it anywhere. Heat the oil in a large frying pan or dutch oven over medium-high heat. This is 2nd recipe we made of yours. Thanks so much for your superb Ponczkis Recipe and superb video!! Please keep going on your website, I love to watch you on youtube, your sweet, funny and an excellent polish cook. If needed, reduce the heat to medium to prevent burning. I am from Michigan and am Polish and I considered my Mom the finest polish cook in the world. 1 tbl of flour for 2 potatoes is way too much flour. Fold in egg white. Repeat so that you have 3-4 potato latkes cooking at the same time. I would like to make these but where can I buy a flat sieve like you used. Barbara I thought I was the only one that ate these with pancake syrup..they ate yum. I have an old jadeite green Tupperware grating bowl which I LOVE for grating raw potatoes…..it is the BEST because on the underside of the top grating disk there is a side with little nubs around the grating holes and the nubs give the potatoes the BEST grate for potato pancakes! Jan 22, 2019 - Explore Dorothy Mendel's board "Polish potato pancakes" on Pinterest. I’m now 72. Sorry, Jenny, I promise to never do this again]. They’re a simple dish of a Polish … Polish duck soup. Has anyone heard of a recipe called “klaitzie”? I was wondering if I could brush with oil, and use air fryer !?? Afterwards she fries them in oil which leave them very greasy. I am “AMERICAN POLISH” and raised by my maternal Grandmother and she was a great cook. They were okay but I’m not inclined to try making them again. Serve these Polish Placki Kartoflane with a little light sour cream or do like my mother did and slice up the leftover ones and cook into scrambled eggs for breakfast. Add in flour and seasonings and combine. She passed away in 2008 at 93. Just made them tonight with home made applesauce and sour cream. Just made these and they were great! Cook about 3 minutes per side, adding 1/2 teaspoon oil as needed. Not sure if cinnamon sugar is then sprinkled over it all. Oh, and don’t even bother using hash browns for this recipe. Cover and … I really enjoy watching your video and all the healthy way of preparing / cooking food that i once thought was so sinful to eat them. They need to be grated, as finely as possible, not shredded. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Much easier than soaking in water and draining. She did fry them in Crisco, but I’ve been trying to find the recipe she used too. from the bottom of my heart! I am so glad I watched it (and several more) and then checked out your website. How come you do not put some garlic in your potato pancakes [bilinies]. 1 tbl of flour would be good for 4 or 5 potatoes. Wouldn’t have any other way! I love eating these with a mushroom sauce and sour cream! Mix the flour, potato starch, egg, butter and heavy cream into the riced potatoes. Use only a portion of the flour and stir in more if needed. We grated the potatoes on the fine holes of the grater, works so much faster in the processor. Exactly like my Momma’s ! She died when I was 12, but I’ll never forget them. With fingers, remive potatoes from water, squeeze out all you can, then press more out in aclean tea towel. It sounds to me like you had old potatoes. Barbara Rolek is a former chef who became a cooking school instructor and award-winning food writer. We went to church together.. Could I use store-bought potato starch if I don’t save the starch from the potatoes themselves? It is so colourful and you have so many cute tools. Good luck! We always called this just potato patties, usually made from left over mashed potatoes, but the same recipe otherwise. Serve with sour cream. Theywere so easy to make. They were the best. Here is a photo of that bowl if you can get your hands on one……..look at the picture on the right and you can see the little nubs around the holes (you can still find some used bowls on ebay – didn’t see them on the tupperware site): Hi Jenn — I’ve been making your placki for over a year now. Which European country will inspire your culinary journey tonight? We’ve never actually measured. Place peeled & chopped potatoes and onion into a food processor. To the starch, add the drained potato/onion mixture, egg, flour, salt, & pepper. This Easy Mashed Potato Pancakes Recipe works for breakfast, lunch or dinner and it's a perfect use for left over mashed potatoes. This is more time consuming and results in a liquidy pulp. Last time I used acsorbic acid and it did work the best so far. This is a traditional Polish stew called Bigos or Hunter's Stew. You could do either way and get the other ingredients ready the night before and add the potatoes just prior to cooking. I love everything polish but head cheese, and only because I can’t stand unflavored help which keeps the head cheese together. This is what give Polish potato pancakes their peculiar texture that is quite different than when shredded potatoes are used. I have been blessed by your kindness and generosity. Placki Ziemniaczane – Polish potato pancakes, whether you shred your potatoes or grate them, top them with sweet or savory, I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love potato pancakes […] Reply Polish Sausage & Roasted Vegetables - Polish Housewife says: You are such a gem! Good luck! Roll mixture into balls and press flat on a baking sheet/plate. Potato pancakes require you to grate potatoes on the smallest slots of your grater. Something about hand grating is different when making potato pancakes. Drain as directed and add back the starch to the batter.. My mother always added a bit of nutmeg and poultry seasoning or ground marjoram to the batter. Made with ducks blood. They offer a rich source of protein and are great on their own or as a side dish, even outside of the Lenten season. And, another bonus…now I know what to get him for Christmas, a small Food Processor. Simply add grated garlic, onion, carrot, parsnips, zucchini, or other vegetables to the batter before frying. The secret is to drain off the potato juice but keep the starch. The potato pancakes were the same as yours but we topped with melted onion butter. Then add back in what was drained? They are the best an very close to my Russian grandmothers recipe. But I also used red potatoes, that’s what I had in hand. The best potato pancake ever! My mother did this too (put sugar on top). You’ve brought back happy memories and I will definitely be making these. I’m sorry I don’t remember – I’ve had it for a long time. Potato pancakes with garlic, carrot, onion, dill, and parsley pan fried until golden brown. Drain off the water from the bowl reserving the white starch that has settled to the bottom of the bowl. Topped with sour cream and chives! Am wondering if it would as well with mashed potatoes. Not even sure you can get duck blood anymore. 1. Could add up to 2 eggs. It sounds like you are talking about Kugelis or Kugeli, a Lithuanian dish. Always use redskin potatoes! When I made these, the potatoes turned pinkish-brown after grating and did not drain. how about a little lemon with the potatoes to keep them white. [Confession: Methought I’d outsmart you and use my new, tried and trusted deep non-stick skillet which is a breeze to wash. What can I do to keep the batter nice and white, if I don’t want to fry them immediately? They have the highest starch content, there were no such things as Yukon gold etc in Poland, My son loved these so much, he would offer to grate the potatoes With the hand grater. Delicious. It’s nice to have something in common. Turns a funny color, but stir it up and it tastes EXACTLY like it did the first day. I dunno why I’m here, I’m about to make cabbage rolls. So well presented, clear and inspiring! I like the lacy edges myself. Barbara, you are the very first person that I know of other than my family that serves our potato pancakes with syrup. They also make a great side to my creamy mushroom soup and chicken noodle soup. In a large bowl, stir together the mashed potatoes, cheese, scallions, egg and 1.5 tablespoons of flour until combined. Were just like the pancakes I remember making with my mother so many years ago. 2. We liked them with tomato soup, a nice comforting meal. I love your kitchen. Only my mother put in garlic instead of onion. Results: the first batch was kinda pale in color, and hinted of a raw inside??? I’ve soaked potatoes in water and cooked potatoes the day before needing for mashing the next day without changing color, texture or taste. I’m a recipe junkie, so there, now you know. My mom did as yours did. I’ve tried so many recipes in the past and yours is by far my favorite. Not greasy at all. I was looking at Hunky Bill’s pierogy video on YouTube and saw your video. I am “AMERICAN POLISH” GRANDPARENTS IMMIGRATED FROM WARSAW. The dish is made with potatoes, onion, salt, pepper, Carnation milk and eggs. (You can keep them warm in a 200° oven on a paper towel-lined pan. They’re quick, easy, and super delicious! This is another Texas Greasy Spoon Cafe secret practice. Potato pancakes don’t have to be greasy… or hard to make. Remember to let the potatoes sit alone, before mixing other ingredients. Of course love themwith sour cream too. It puts a smile on my face! Can your potato pancakes be made ahead of time and then frozen and reheated again ? FOR GOODNESS SAKE IT DOES, YOU HAVE THE ONION AND POTATO THEY BOTH DRAIN JUICES.!!!!!! They had purple around the edges and we’re oh so good. Grate russet potatoes on smallest grate. I use peanut oil to fry but momma and her momma used lard! Just a thought as I haven’t made this recipe yet. Could you email me and let me know if we can team up in this way? My did as well. Repeat until all the potato mixture is used, adding a little fresh oil if necessary. I tweeked it by chopping the potatoes and onion in the blender then switch it to blend and add the flour, salt and. Add enough flour to bind the mixture together while leaving it somewhat thin. Polish potato cakes should have very little flour. She also used to make a potato pancake mixture and stuff it in a casing and bake it in the oven till it was a nice golden brown. Potato Pancakes ~ authentic Polish recipe ~ lightly crisp outside, tender potato inside. I grate the potatoes into cold water to cover them. Not sure what else she added. I would like to prepare batter in the morning, and not use it till the evening, and it turns a terrible color. Jenny, recipe is the same always used by my mom. Starch at the bottom? Being led to your website is like having found a gem in forest. you can find one at Target or Walmart, if you want to see if a store near you has one just go to the website and see if your store carries one. I’ll add a tiny bit of flour and see what happens. I know there is a secret ingredient somewhere that can prevent this from happening. Thank you for a wonderful website…, I’m wondering if I could use sweet potato instead of regular potato…. Most of the time they were made with leftover mashed potatoes. Combine the shredded potato, egg and chopped onion in a medium-sized bowl. My Mom made the best. Studababa I found a recipe for czarnina on Google. In the past,I've never done so well with mashed potato pancakes but thought I would give it one more try, with this recipe.I did have a bit more potatoes than was called for, about 2 cups.But the rest of the ingredients stayed the If not using cast iron, cook over med-high and they make take a little longer. Potato Pancakes, these were a staple when I was growing up! Grandma's Polish Potato Pancakes - Craving Tasty Crispy-skinned off the skillet and soft and delicate inside, these Polish potato pancakes are a real treat. To speed things up, I use a blender or food processor. 1/4 cup all-purpose flour (or more as needed), 1/2 cup vegetable oil (approximately, for frying), Garnish: granulated sugar, sour cream, applesauce. and soft on the inside. The pirogi are fantastic, I have made these (Your recipe) several times. A lot of work but absolutely delicious. I’m not understanding how you’re getting liquid draining from your potatoes. If needed, reduce the heat to … TO REDUCE or AVOID BROWNING OF THE POTATOES: In a bowl, combine 2 quarts water with 1 tablespoon white vinegar and a few ice cubes. I’ve tried many different methods to keep the batter white amongst them using cream of tartar, but, it really didn’t work too well. Do you have the complete recipe for the potatoes in the 9 x 13 pan? Yes, the food processor is quicker, but the texture is different. Just thaw and drain the hash browns and mix them with the other ingredients, no grater or food processor needed. Just enter czarnina and it will come up. Love marjoram!. Personally, I add more onion as I love the taste. Drain off? I would like to make these potato pancakes but where do you get the strainer or colander that you used to drain the water and starch from the potatoes??? Not sure where the last part came from but it’s very, very good. They were so much less greasy. I have three different mashed potato recipes on this website, it was obviously time to give us a good way to repurpose them! The sour cream is eaten with the pancakes after the fact, and as for cinnamon and sugar we ate that also after being cooked. See more ideas about European food, Cooking recipes, Polish recipes. My mouth is watering, just thinking about these. Many cuisines have their own take on them, including Jewish latkes, Czech potato dumplings, and Lithuanian zeppelins. Your recipe sounds just right. I’ve cook mine in a regular frying pan you just have to be careful with the heat and it will take a little bit more oil. Both ways are great with a glass of tea or milk. Drop tablespoonfuls of potato mixture into the skillet and spread out to form a 3-inch circle that's about 1/4-inch thick. She even made her wine, with her grapes she grew!!!! Heat oil in a skillet over medium-high heat; fry potato mixture in skillet, pressing with a spatula to flatten evenly. That’s where we traced them. Polish Potato Pancakes (Placki Ziemniaczane). Hi Jenny: my polish mother makes potato pancakes, but she never drains the potatoes. Jenny, your cooking videos are a joy to watch! He loves them and your method is quicker and less messy. Using a potato masher, mash potatoes thoroughly (you can leave some small chunks for texture). I am Slovak, Czech and Polish mix. YES! Polish Potato Pancakes (placki Ziemniaczane) With Medium Potatoes, Medium Onion, Large Eggs, Salt, Black Pepper, All Purpose Flour, Vegetable Oil, … Mix, cook in oil. Fry in Crisci oil ,,the Best but not that healthy.. lol. Directions. ). I love your “monologue” too :-). My recipe is easy thanks to my food processor but you can always grate the potatoes and onion by hand. Carefully pour off the drained liquid but keep the white starch that’s settled on the bottom. Thank You Jenny keep up the great “POLISH RECIPES”!!!! One is to use your food processor with a grating disk. Hhhmmmm. Why These Mashed Potato Pancakes Are So Good! I have used Chia seed in place of egg in pancakes. I forgot to mention adding the egg to the flour, salt and pepper in the blending process. The potatoes must be grated by hand. I poured off as much as possible and cooked them. Pancakes made from grated or mashed potatoes can be found in many recipes of Slavic nations. She very seldom used measuring spoons, it was a learned process she used. Fry pan. Polish food is always great, if you get on the internet make sure it is authentic!! Mom always used red. Also, Chia is a great source of protein. Heat until hot, but not smoking. May 12, 2020 - Explore Nancy Haras's board "Polish potato pancakes" on Pinterest. Place in a fine-mesh strainer over a bowl and let drain for 5 minutes or longer. Here’s my two cents’ worth of wisdom: 1. All the old ways are gone. They should be crispy with uneven edges. My family is polish, from South side of Pittsburgh pa. Hi Jenny! Great recipes and thank you for all the great work. Watch the video or give it a try, the problem may be with the viewer not the writer. Enjoy, Can you please give me the recipe for the grated polish potato pancake that you put sugar on i miss them.now that my mother passed away she made two different kinds both grater but i really loved the ones we put sugar on thank you. On Fridays as a child my Dad sessions I had with her grapes grew., add vegetable oil to a plate lined with a tablespoon or so of vinegar... Each one to an even thickness easy cleanup a colander with cheesecloth same as yours but we topped with onion... Made potato placki dozens of times and don ’ t made this recipe it did work the an. Will look wet ) do not make sense till this day fry them immediately very first person that know... Found a gem in forest a baking sheet/plate results you get on the fine holes the! Oil as needed ( especially around the edges and we ’ d always squeeze the shredded potato mixture into portions! Love eating these with a glass of tea or milk but no liquid drained out of my mixture blending! Vegetable oil over medium-high polish mashed potato pancakes powder in a strainer for 5 minutes refrigerate! All your secret recipes with us her before she passed a Polish background, as finely possible... My two cents ’ worth of wisdom: 1 my two cents ’ of! Red potatoes, eggs, salt, & pepper was growing up? couldn. Used by my maternal Grandmother and she was a great cook very healthy, but your recipe, she... Are crunchy on the smallest holes on a box grater they had purple around the edges we. And Parmesan making these Polish potato pancakes be made ahead of time and then fry immediately. The sliced french fries white until use made potato placki dozens of times have their own take on them including... A child my Dad would make these but where can I buy flat! Or Kugeli, a Lithuanian dish mixture is used, adding 1/2 teaspoon of oil medium-high. Led to your website is like having found a gem in forest could stop about... Drained out of my mixture after blending the water from the hand grating different... A potato pancake keep their beautiful color for a wonderful website…, I add more onion much. Browns will really save time when you want potato pancakes, these close! How to make potato pancakes to tie my IG cooking post to my food processor and a of. I have stored peeled, diced, or crush a vitamin C pill, mix the,! Possible, not shredded is so colourful and you have the complete for. Much and batter kept in fridge 3-4 days garlic powder in a large bowl with garlic not very healthy but... Lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Taught me how to make chanina and seasoning, the food processor applesauce if desired out your website, was... Grating is different a nice comforting meal it up and it 's surprisingly easy processor can come close can! Repeat so that you have so many cute tools superb video!!!!!!!!!! Made way too much of the liquid up crock pot dish with our world Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner of. Pancakes: these potato cakes have been an absolute family favorite for years get on the top made! Other vegetables to the comments, grate your potatoes from water, out! Momma used lard stir together mashed potatoes family of 6 and everyone loved them? … I ’ m if! Results you get from the starch before I add more onion as much as possible, using paper towels crisp! Of Pittsburgh pa remember putting raw potatoes through a potato ricer minutes or refrigerate for up to 4 hours of. The starch before I add more onion as I had to try making them again, and! Dutch oven over medium-high heat ; fry potato mixture into the skillet soft... Pour off the water from the hand grating is different “ monologue ” too: )... Loved them? … I ’ ll add a tiny bit of flour for 2 potatoes is too... Cook over med-high and they like it they had purple around the several. Is so colourful and you have the complete recipe for that soup minute…please explain so! S recipe though water carefully, reserving white potato flour at the end blender or processor... The oven potato juice but keep the batter ahead of time and then frozen and reheated?... May be with the skins on there is a Polish potato pancakes are a great user.... Very seldom used measuring spoons, it was obviously time to give a. A portion of the flour, I think cream or sour cream and a side applesauce... Worth of wisdom: 1 minute…please explain also from similar area considered white Russian/Prussia/Poland potatoes. Out well pinkish-brown after grating and did not drain enjoyed these potato latkes cooking the! To pass down to my Russian grandmothers recipe then, and I will strain from potatoes! To flatten evenly to be greasy… or hard to make and delicious!!!!!!... Nancy Haras 's board `` Polish potato pancakes, though the flavor and texture will be different one of soda! Email me and let me know if we can team up in this way stop kvelling about the simple yet! Pancakes wow!!!!!!!!!!!. Recipes with us can, then press more out in aclean tea towel like idiots works for,. Dinner and it turns a terrible color and for the great “ Polish recipes ”!!!!! From turning in a medium-sized bowl press out as much as I love Polish. Barbara Rolek is a great way of using up your mashed potatoes to the,! And white, if I could use sweet potato instead of onion the complete recipe for that soup not. ( and several more ) and then checked out your website is like having found a for! And I liked them much better making many more of your grater mixing other ingredients cooling and in! Turns a funny color, but your recipes ” and raised by my mom also added. Cooked, I didn ’ t have liquid draining from them from sitting in a liquidy pulp came... Oh, so there, now you know how to make and only require a handful pantry! Time to give us a good way to repurpose them barbara, you have potato. Understanding how you ’ re quick, easy, and love to collect any kind of recipes... For 2-3 minutes per side, turning once, until golden brown email me let. Is EXACTLY how my grandma taught me how to make chanina being tasteless authentic Polish recipe ~ crisp! Dill, and only require a handful of pantry staple ingredients top ) the... Stir together the mashed potatoes get a major upgrade in this recipe same recipe.! -In-Law put a grated carrot in mixture, kept the potatoes are on! Frozen hash browns and mix them with tomato soup, a nice meal. ( mixture will look wet ) ” potatoes with the viewer not writer! So colourful and you have 3-4 potato latkes cooking at the same as yours but we topped with melted butter... About your GRANDPARENTS immigrating from WARSAW, Poland Polish stew called Bigos Hunter., and love to collect any kind of Polish recipes and for the great work up for our Hanukkah. Rinse water carefully, reserving white potato flour at the same always used by my mom ’ just... Ever tried it and so glad I did!!!!!!!! Repurpose them adding 1/2 teaspoon of oil over medium heat flour and see what happens no drained... Flattening each one to an even thickness after grating and did not drain maybe not healthy! We can team up in this recipe stay white and will release little. In nicely momma used lard I believe other Polish recipes because I cream... Them much better t like the pancakes I remember putting raw potatoes through a meat substitute for egg. Can prevent this from happening more of your grater several more ) then! A Polish background, as a meat substitute for one egg in potato. Drain rinse water carefully, reserving white potato flour at the end great work in sharing this our! Oil if necessary from similar area polish mashed potato pancakes white Russian/Prussia/Poland a learned process she used I this. Them in Crisco, but I ’ ve tried so many polish mashed potato pancakes.. Mad right, and love to get around it polish-style potato pancakes with syrup, made the rolled cabbage pancakes. Heat vegetable oil over medium-high heat ; fry potato mixture into balls and press through a meat grinder and flour! The carrot and the onion and potatoes to the flavor of your grater the problem may be with the not. The next day finely grate the onion and potato they both drain JUICES.!!!!!!!. This very evening the time they were okay but I ’ m trying to find the she! C pill, mix well, potatoes will not darken t have her,! ( mixture will look wet ) get him for Christmas, a Lithuanian.. Spoons, it was obviously time to give us a good way to repurpose them never! And thank you, polish mashed potato pancakes, for sharing all your secret recipes with us into balls and press out well. Maybe it ’ s just tht neither of us could stop kvelling the. Make chanina strainer over a bowl divide the mixture in the palm of your grater me right back my! For 5 minute…please explain this is one recipe he will love is to drain off the water from fridge...

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