apple watch 4 not working after swimming

Indoor walks are better and Other is pretty much minute for minute. They couldn’t fix it and gave me a new watch. My Apple Watch is sluggish When you’re out of the water zone, you can now rotate your Watch’s crown. I read that if you log your activity as “other” it will record your activity minute for minute. But this time the issue is much more stubborn. Way to go Apple, becoming more like Microsoft everyday. I would love to converse with you directly about my data and findings – if you could write to me at that would be great. Men won’t ask directions to get around the block much less log onto a board and ask questions. I hadn’t worn a watch in years, but as soon as I got my Apple Watch, I didn’t go any longer without it than I needed to. I didn’t have Steve check this one before posting. Continue to press the combination till the display goes off and the Apple logo appears again. Do we see a possible correlation here? I tried that (pair – unpair) and it fixes is temporarily. So frustrating! The problem started while using the app Slopes for skiing, which may be incidental. I just talked to support. I am having the same issue. Thanks for the thoughtful and detailed info, Brian. If you wish to downgrade, you can contact Apple. And as a matter of fact, we have a number of solutions as to why this issue occurs. I did all the steps and walked today for 90 minutes and got exercise credit for 18 minutes. After a rigorous 5 mile walk today, I only received 28 minutes of exercise. So if you go for a gentle amble it won’t feature whereas if you stride purposefully then you get credit for the period of elevated heart rate? plenty of reasons, the most important of which is that you’ll never lose track of the number of laps you’ve completed The Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 are both water-resistant and should be fine in most sensible aquatic settings: a shower, a bath, even underwater swimming to a depth of less than 50m. What the hell is going on Apple? I have un-paired and re-paired my watch twice now. I have a seriies 2 it has always been fine but suddenly this week the exercise ring has stopped working I have re-synced, re calbirated and nothing I walk for about an hour or more every day. I have re calibrate, reset and also re paired as above but no still not working. Seems ridiculous to pay $600 for a device that can’t properly record an outdoor walk, but that seems to have fixed the issue for me. No I don’t believe it is gender related. Thanks Dee. I was out for 40 mins this morning with my dogs and it said I was out for 17. So sad. However my husband’s heart rate also tends to run low as he was a former athlete, so our heart rate numbers are not all that different especially on some of our slower walks where he always gets full credit and I always get half. I don’t know if you follow my podcasts or found this post randomly, but I do a show called Chit Chat Across the Pond Lite where I interview people in tech I find interesting. Fix Apple Watch heart rate monitor! What? I am now more satisfied with the watch. After these steps, the screen turns on, and you can partially see the charging screen, but it flickers and it won’t boot at all; the charging light on the base keeps flashing with the red light and that’s it. Recalibrating your watch alone WILL NOT fix the problem. Thought I would give Apple Watch a try because of the smart watch features but so far are I’m not really that impressed for the price difference. Seems simple enough…if I ride for 30 min and then end…I expect 30 min goal to have been met and displayed in Activity. Currently I am experiencing issues where I get told that I haven’t moved despite running 5k at a decent rate or swimming 2km in open water……both without my phone whereas my cycle trip today tracked perfectly well (with my phone). I’ve rebooted, I’ve turned on/off started last week too !!! They are now having the top people looking into the problem and they are supposed to contact me again later this week. I’d appreciate any thoughts any of you may have on my anecdotal but hopefully helpful data. Because it is consistent, I usually don’t worry about it and just account for it in my mind. Funny enough it has been a really long time since it stopped working this time around – knock wood. I will try next workout. No change. When you spend this sort of money you expect the top of the range service from your device…if its a bug, fix it please Apple. Apple Watch also lets you scroll down to view a little bit more of a data breakdown if you choose. Fifi – I have to ask yet again (although no one answers) have any of you tried to un pair and re pair your watch. I’ve been having the same issue with my Series 4 watch, which is less than two weeks old. My husband (Gen2 Watch, iPhone X) whose resting heart rate is around 55-60 bpm, gets exercise credit when his heart rate is only at 85-90 bpm or above (e.g., for a brisk walk). The three areas your Apple Watch tracks — move, stand, and exercise — are each represented by a colored ring in the Activity app. My _pace_ was much slower in Zion (walking on unsteady surfaces, small climbs, taking photos). What really fixed my step problem was downloading the new update. I’ve tweeted Apple Support but I’m not holding my breath… I JUST WANT A FREAKIN SOLUTION OR, COME MARCH, I AM SWITCHING TO A FITBIT. Hi everyone,I wonder if anyone can help me with the following issue: I tried the pool swim work-out on my Apple Watch yesterday. Well, before we approach forward to solutions, let us see as to why Apple Watch won't turn on after being dead. The Apple Watch's own swimming app is pretty impressive, but if you're looking for a bit more post-swim analysis and want to … Sorry folks. For example, some user has said that the exercise ring does not update or show your activity accurately. We both start a Workout, we both use Health app, etc. Thank you! The rings don’t do a thing. Just reading through this I have an idea… re-calibrate then go on a very low intensity, leisurely walk, maybe take the dog. I should have gotten an Apple Watch! After it is unpaired, pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone again and check if Auto Unlock is working now. However, they should not be used for scuba diving, waterskiing, or other activities involving high-velocity water or submersion below shallow depth. I just recalibrated and got 1 minute of my 30 minute walk. Switched from FitBit to the Series 3 a couple of days ago.. still learning the ins and outs of the activity and health apps. It will try to measure your heart rate. I need to recalibrate weekly, I hope apple corrects soon. I started with the old exercise guideline of 220 minus my age times 80% (220-81 = 139 x 80% = 111). I know we’ve gotten conflicting results but I thought I’d throw out my findings. She was frustrated though because now there was no control group – was it the watch or the phone that was the root cause. I believe it is a software problem – hence Apple’s inability to fix the problem.. I’d bet dollars to donuts the workout app they’ve bundled with their watch is third party. As I said above in my responses, this is a temporary fix but maybe in the meantime Apple will address and fix this issue. Mine didn’t work twice today on two 30 indoor walks. A few months ago I decided to do something to get all my workout minutes to also show up as exercise minutes. I can’t wait to accomplish th is one set up / recalibration tomorrow AM. We stock apple watch 5 straps, apple watch 4 straps and all have ranges for all other series’, too. REPEAT unpair from phone and then re-pair will fix the problem. If everything fails to work, the last option is to get in touch with the Apple Support. The closer you get to completing a specific goal, the closer the ring will get to completing itself. It seemed to always work but now it isn’t?? I went for a quick 10 minute walk before work this morning just to get my heart rate up and I only got credit for 1 minute. I admit it is a crazy way to make it work but it is working for me. If Apple were to base merchandise returns on expected results instead of 90 days, I would return my watch. Three days ago I started experiencing the problem with the Move and Exercise rings not recording the correct readings. I’ve lost numerous challenges with friends and family who are competing with the activity badges because my exercises aren’t registering. Just started swimming and after one lap showed apple logo and then went dead. I took it off at night to charge, then put it on first thing the next morning, taking it off again only to shower. Hubby and I walk at the gym for 1 hour (3 miles) after work M-F and I have closed all three rings every single time. and then to set up as new. Since making this change all my workout minutes are now recorded as exercise minutes. Follow the steps given below. Ed, you’re a rock star on so many levels! Have you done the unpair and re-pair? I have done everything suggested. It worked properly for about 8-9 months until now. Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Series 3 have a water resistance rating of 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010. I decided to try changing my age to adjust my heart rate goal down to what the watch was recording. I am so upset that this does not work. I have a series 3 watch and have been having this issue, which has been very frustrating indeed. I am an avid geek from way back…. I posted earlier of the only fix to this problem being to unpair and re-pair. When I go for an outdoor walk, even though my heart rate is in the 115-120 range I don’t get credit for all of my minutes. Okay, I am going to join in on this…. Looks like it is a bug with the workout app. I have been going along just fine since January 1, 2018 (closing rings everyday for going on eight months now. We see similar results for Indoor Walk, although these sessions are often shorter. It worked fine once after my recalibration. Thank you for the article. Probably some salt build-up caused the problem and the warm fresh water dissolved the salt away. Apple Watch Series 4 Touch screen Not Working [Fixed] - It may happen that your Apple Watch will just not respond to any of the taps on it! But you can use your Apple Watch abroad as normal when it’s in range with your iPhone and your iPhone is set up for international roaming. The Watch app on iPhone is … To use your watch, you need to unlock the screen. Of the names where I could likely guess gender, yet was 53 women to 9 men! Thinking about recalibration this would establish the difference between a perceived resting threshold and exercise. It didn't work for a couple of weeks until I had the idea to leave it in a bowl of very warm tap water for a couple of hours, and that seemed to solve the problem. I’m stating those so you know that I have not been in bed all day, and I have in fact done some activity already. I have the the same issue. Technology Should make life easier. You swim as you like, or bathe for as long as you want to but ensure you are careful with your watch to avoid damage. Unless you’ve got a … A small correction to be made: it’s watchOS 3 and not iOS3. Scroll up or down by either rotating the Digital Crown or flicking the screen with your finger until you see the water drop icon. Overall I sure get a GIANT amount of value out of the Apple Watch. What the heck?!? Tip 1: Start the Apple Watch swimming workout before you dive in. I too did all of the steps above (calibrate, etc etc), and I got credit for an outdoor walk 1 time after that. I have tried the recalibration but still only got 3 minutes for 23 minute walk so NO it does not work! My Fitbit was a quarter of the cost and far more effective, and the customer service was better too! All of the technology I own is Apple, and I have never had an issue like this. This thread says other wise! I have had to do this several times; it fixes the problem and then it stops working again and you have to do the procedure over again. I did the 4.2.3 update about four days ago, but that does not correlate with the failure happening yesterday. It is a fix to the problem. Only option is to “fake” the workout minutes by doing the “other” or the “mind and body” workout options for the remaining minutes to get your workout minutes OR just make sure you work your @$$ off during your walk so the apple watch will believe you worked out good enough to get credit. The Apple Watch can be worn in the shower, in the rain, while swimming, or while running  till you sweat. Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Series 3 have a water resistance rating of 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010. I have been going to crossfit & do routines for 20 minutes but my watch only shows 3 Minutes! What is the problem? I used to miss calls on my phone all the time because I keep my phone on vibrate and in my purse. Simultaneously press and hold the Digital Crown and the Side button for about 10-15 seconds. This is the first time I did two workouts in one day, but it was extremely frustrating to have 18 minutes on there after doing 29 minutes of workout. She’s upgraded her watch, tried different watchbands, and even recalibrated her watch and nothing she does will fix this. Isn’t exercise credit (green ring) earned when your heart rate exceeds a certain threshold? I’ve tried the same things as everyone else here and nothing fixes the issue. I have the new AW3 and did a spin class yesterday with about 50 minutes with my HR over 130 and it showed 5 minutes of exercise. After walking 4.5 miles this morning, it shows 9 minutes! Using Activity is all about credit, so this is pretty important to Apple Watch users. Apple needs to fix this issue. Nothing else I had tried worked!! Yesterday, on the same walk, he got 53 minutes, I got 3. Thanks so much, Paul! Same issue except on a bike ride. frustrating. There’s a flaw in my data collection methodology and it’s that the Activity app records ALL minutes of exercise, not just those with workouts, so in some cases (especially at home), the app shows more than 100% credit because presumably I ran up and down the stairs doing chores or something and that’s not shown as workout data but does show as total exercise minutes. And I NEVER get credit for indoor walks. I believe that Chastity has won the “my watch doesn’t give me credit” contest. I workout a lot and only see this for outdoor walks. If you do it immediately there will be no break in your activity rings. Just did a 3 mile walk which took an hour, with heart rate fairly steady 110ish and only got six minutes credit. Series 4 with updated software STILL doesn’t register complete workout time! ; How to force quit apps on the Apple Watch. I can select a date and see every minute of that day that exercise was recorded. Second: go to the health app -> exercise minutes -> data sources & access. Instead, they clarify that the both Apple Watch Series 2+ “Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch Series 3, and Apple Watch Series 4 may be used for shallow water activities like swimming … I just got my watch yesterday and since it wasn’t counting any steps at all, I recalibrated it and went for a walk. Current generation Apple Watches all offer water resistance up to 50 mm. My work around is to just not use their “Outdoor Walk” routine because the algorithm sucks. when i pressed the two buttons down to turn it on the alert thing came on and i followed the instructions on apple but nothings working. I have a Gen2 Watch, iPhone SE. This honestly seems ridiculous. If not, click edit and move tot he top of the list. Hi. I just walked 33 minutes swinging my arms normally. This just happened to me today, as well. ), Then the important part: soon after that, go on an outdoor walk or run for at least 20 minutes (so maybe wait to reset calibration until right before working out). Then every time you walk after that your pace and heart rate will be higher. Denise found that if she used the indoor walk setting, or even “other”, she WOULD get credit for the exercise time, that it was outdoor walk that wouldn’t work properly. Over the course of a typical 20 minute brisk walk (on the Outdoor Walk setting), she might get 5-8 minutes of Exercise credit, whereas I would get at least 17. When you log a Pool Swim, your Apple Watch uses the … I just ran a rough count of the GENDER of the people commenting here. My exercise and move rings would almost move in unison, now my move ring far surpasses my exercise ring, with no more than 11-15 minutes of exercise a day. If your watch requires charging, a red lightning bolt appears on the screen. This leads me to wonder whether there’s a biological difference between the genders that Apple hasn’t taken into account? The only way that I can get full credit (as Apple has repeatedly put as their response to most posts online) is to set my workout to “Other”.

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