japanese bantam recognized variety

Hen-feathered Japanese Bantams exist in spangled varieties only, like black-white spangled, red-white spangled and black-red-white spangled (not to be confused Japanese Bantams have a calm, trusting, friendly personality. Frizzles of any color, Mottleds (Black, Blue),Brown/reds, Black/red, Wheatan, Partridge, Duckwing Gold or silver, and Blue reds. Varieties. Each variety carries different color patterns. A Bantam is a breed of bird that is anywhere from a half to one-third the size of its larger counterpart. Although docile as individuals, the roosters will fight if they find to many of them in the same flock. Cackle Hatchery® offers six different varieties of Japanese bantams, including the White Japanese Bantam. Bantams include both miniature versions of the large standard breeds and True Bantams , breeds for which there is no matching large standard. Most Japanese bantams bear confinement well. The term bantam comes from a small chicken that originated in the Bantam region of Java, but after they were introduced to Europe centuries ago, any small variety of fowl was called a bantam. Most varieties of standard chickens have smaller counterparts which are called Bantams. There are many varieties of Japanese bantams recognized by the American Bantam Association. Roosters with this henny feathered trait have no pointed hackle, saddle or sickle feathers but the same feather shape as the hen. They will ride on a shoulder, sit in a lap, and submit to petting. Also may like Japanese Bantam Assortment Special. The hens gently brood and protect their chicks. Unless the chicken is a true Bantam. Within the Tokugawa period which ended in 1867, the In addition to standard features like wings that touch the ground and a large comb, this variety has arched black tail feathers. Breed Colors/Varieties There are several recognized colors of the Japanese Bantam, such as Black, Black or Blue Tailed white, White, Blue, Black Tailed Buff, Buff Columbian, Birchen or Grey, Cuckoo. The Japanese Bantam also exists in a hen-feathered variety. Description. The most often seen variety is the Black Tailed White Japanese bantam. If you aren’t familiar with this miniature breed, you will be happy to know that the American Poultry Standard of Perfection has been recognizing Japanese Bantams for … At the moment, there are 9 recognized varieties by the American Poultry Association including the Barred, Birchen Grey, and Wheaten. Japanese Bantams can be found in various colours, including Black-tailed White, Black, Mottled, Black-tailed Buff, Buff Columbian, White and Grey of which there are a number of different varieties. Breed Size Bantam Japanese Bantam Temperament. Frizzle – Frizzle is recognized as a trait in any recognized breed/variety and is not listed separate. These little feathered fowls are not exactly great layers, so expect 1 small cream- or tinted-shelled egg per week. Certainly they were present in Japan by the time Japan declared isolationism in 1636. Nankin Bantam … Feathers (especially white) will stain easily on the wing tips that drag on the floor if let out in the wet. A true Bantam breed is a breed that only comes in Bantam size and has no larger version of the breed. Japanese Bantams should be kept inside on clean, dry bedding in all but the best weather to maintain good feather condition. For more information about this chicken breed, please contact Cackle Hatchery®, and don’t hesitate to order your Black Tailed White Japanese Bantam chicks today! BANTAM BREEDS VARIETY CLASS APA Recognized Bantam Breeds and Varieties Updated April 2015 Please refer to the APA Standard of Perfection To download this complete list, click on the button for the type of download you would like. There are also several varieties including the Frizzle …

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