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Sen. Adam Pugh filed … Governor Northam Signs Bold New Laws to Reform Criminal Justice. Addressing a concern raised by some of his colleagues, Grubb wrote in The Oklahoman recently that SQ 805 “will not harm domestic violence survivors. Wednesday, April 18, 2018. One criminal justice reform measure that did pass through the legislative process this year that has not received near enough attention is, the expungement reform bill (SB815). Read more ›. It is the only one that does not give jurors the right to know what sentence they’ll have to impose if they convict - even if there are lengthy minimums involved. The bills can be reconsidered during the 2020 session. It opened up the expungement process to all offenders including violent offenders. Transformative criminal justice reform has been a hard sell in Oklahoma for years, but this year many hoped things would be different. SB 5002 - Law-enforcement officers; prohibition on the use of neck restraints. House and Senate criminal justice committees will meet Tuesday and Wednesday. OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma lawmaker is hoping to tackle some issues surrounding criminal justice reform. Approval of SQ 805 should reduce the prison population by 8.5% in the next decade, the OCPA said, and reduce expenditures by $45 million to $186 million. ... especially in the case of bail reform. While many have died in committee, the bills are all still eligible to … The Oklahoman Editorial Board consists of Kelly Dyer Fry, Publisher, Editor and Vice President of News; Owen Canfield, Opinion Editor; and Ray Carter, Chief Editorial Writer.. See the full report here.Learn more about the Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Advisory Council here.. Log in or subscribe to read and leave comments. The Oklahoman Editorial Board consists of Kelly Dyer Fry, Publisher, Editor and Vice President of News; Owen Canfield, Opinion Editor; and Ray Carter, Chief Editorial Writer.. Oklahoma needs Criminal Justice Reform OKLAHOMA HAS ONE OF THE HIGHEST INCARCERATION RATES IN THE WORLD. © 2018 Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform | Privacy Policy. ... South in 2020. SQ 805 is the work of Oklahomans for Sentencing Reform, a bipartisan group that also led the push in 2016 for State Questions 780 and 781, reform measures that voters approved. State Question 805 focuses on sentence enhancements. DEC 15, 2020 - Oklahoma voters have supported criminal justice reforms in recent years and are being asked to do so again in November, this time with a state question that, if approved, would affect prison terms for repeat nonviolent offenders. Allan Grubb, DA for Pottawatomie and Lincoln counties, says the proposal does not limit prosecutors’ discretion and would not affect misdemeanor enhancements. Mary Fallin signed into law four criminal justice reform bills that will take effect in November. Some issues, like education, are frequently discussed at the Capitol, no matter the year. 2020-05-22 Approved by Governor 05/21/2020: HB3824: Veto: State government; creating the State Government Transparency in Billing Act; exempting Legislature and Judiciary from fees and costs for services rendered by state agencies; defining term; effective date. These reforms to the criminal justice system have resulted in a drastic reduction in mass-incarceration, while simultaneously enhancing public safety. Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform is a coalition of business and community leaders, law enforcement experts, service providers and advocates committed to justice reforms that improve public safety by reducing Oklahoma’s dependence on incarceration. The 2016 reforms approved by voters were changes to statutes, and thus can be revised by the Legislature. 2020-05-22 Vetoed 05/19/2020… Expert says prison population will keep growing. Resistance to Bills. There is still a chance lawmakers can find agreement on the four reform bills next year. A Republican Crusader Takes on Oklahoma’s Prison Machine. Gov. Backers of SQ 805 cite data showing that compared with other states, Oklahoma inmates can spend 70% longer locked up for property crimes and nearly 80% longer for drug crimes because of enhancements, which are at the discretion of prosecutors. NOV 16, 2020 - When Oklahoma legislators start the session Monday, they’ll have more than 4,500 pieces of legislation for consideration. FWD.us Joins Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform to Support Project Commutation In May of 2018, FWD.us partners with OCJR to launch Project Commutation, a campaign to commute the sentences of 46 women and men serving decades-long sentences for drug possession and low-level drug offenses. Its chairman, Jason Hicks, has said punishment should be harsher for someone who has committed additional offenses. Other Policing and Criminal Justice Reform Bills of Interest Senate Bills. Kevin Stitt’s desk. This was a much needed reform in the right direction for former offenders. Criminal justice reform supporters rallied at the Capitol on Wednesday in a final push for bills to reduce prison populations. In February, after meeting for six months, Fallin’s Oklahoma Justice Reform Task Force issued a report with 27 recommendations aimed at reducing the state’s prison population and saving money. That would be ideal. Why Oklahomans Rejected the Criminal Justice Reform 805 Offered by Keaton Ross and Jesse Howe November 4, 2020 November 17, 2020 Oklahoma Restores … SB 5003 - Civil Rights and Policing, Commission on; established, report, sunset provision. The group Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform says about ten bills from the Governor's Justice Reform Initiative are still alive in conference committee and could pass before the end of session on May 26th. Virginia lawmakers finalized a sprawling package of criminal justice reform bills this week as they gaveled out of a special legislative session that stretched nearly 12 weeks. “The people of Oklahoma are desperate and their calls cannot and will not go unanswered.” The full package of ten criminal justice reform bills received support from a wide, bipartisan coalition. Oklahoma had a chance to make similar legislative changes this year: Lawmakers proposed more than a dozen bills aimed at fixing aspects of the state’s criminal justice system. Voir Dire Examination Reform HB 100 - J. Lindsey - Status: Passed House of Delegates SB 325 - C. Deeds - Status: Awaiting Hearing in Judiciary Committee Virginia is one of only six states where juries determine guilt/innocence and sentence. Ralph Northam called the session to update the state budget and to address criminal and social justice and issues related to COVID-19. The Executive Order specifically calls for the task force to look at how to reduce Oklahoma’s incarceration rate, reduce the recidivism rate, and enhance and establish diversion programs. OKLAHOMA CITY — A series of criminal justice reform bills are moving forward at the Oklahoma State Capitol. ODOC Director Allbaugh thanks lawmakers for advancing criminal justice reform bills. The … To submit a letter to the editor, go to this page or email... Opinion: Criminal justice reform going to Oklahoma voters, Thunder vs. Bulls: Five takeaways from OKC's win vs. Chicago, Millwood High School pulls basketball team off court amid COVID 'super-spreader' at Community Christian. SQ 805 would amend the state constitution, meaning any later change would require another vote of the people. Aug. 2020: Governor vetoes two criminal justice reform proposals about the death penalty and about early release. A slew of criminal justice reform bills will be up this 2020 legislative session. Legislation filed in Oklahoma requiring racial impact statement in criminal justice reform bills By KFOR-TV, Oklahoma City 1/10/2020 The legend of Bras-Coupé: How police turned a … Hicks also argues that public safety would be compromised by approval of SQ 805. OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Department of Corrections Director Joe M. Allbaugh thanked lawmakers for advancing six bills on Tuesday that will reduce the state’s projected inmate population growth. Allowing parties to tell the jury the truth about sentencing ensures a fair and impartial jury for both the guilt and sentencing pha… The proposal does not sit well with the District Attorneys Council. Prompted by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the widespread outrage that followed, the hundreds of pages of legislation they adopted reflect years of pent-up demand […] Kevin Stitt is among those who oppose SQ 805 for that reason, saying a better solution would be “a thoughtful, well-researched sentencing code” from the Legislature. OKLAHOMA HAS ONE OF THE HIGHEST INCARCERATION RATES IN THE WORLD. Criminal Justice Reform. ... the retroactivity law is the only one of five criminal justice reform bills that passed in this year's legislative session. Criminal justice reform is a major agenda topic in this year’s legislative session. Oklahoma legislators filed 2,243 bills and resolutions for the 2020 session. SB 5005 - Criminal justice training academies; adds to the powers and duties of DCJS regarding academies. Oklahoma Focuses on Criminal Justice Reform. SALT LAKE CITY -- Police reform will be a top priority when the Utah Legislature opens next Tuesday, and groups are pressing lawmakers to pass more than 60 expected bills… Commenting on NewsOK requires a NewsOK Pro or Oklahoman subscription. At least one prosecutor, however, supports SQ 805. The Virginia General Assembly wrapped up on Saturday a special session that began Aug. 18 and saw debate on more than 50 police and criminal justice reform bills. Oklahoma voters have supported criminal justice reforms in recent years and are being asked to do so again in November, this time with a state question that, if approved, would affect prison terms for repeat nonviolent offenders. PRINT. The RESTORE Task Force will submit by December 6 criminal justice reform recommendations for consideration during the 2020 Legislative session. “A reasonable projection is that Oklahoma taxpayers would save about $142 million over a decade,” the think tank said. Without reform, Oklahoma’s prison population is projected to keep climbing, at a high cost to Oklahoma taxpayers, communities and families. May 2019: Legislature rejects bill to abolish death penalty; Nov. 2018: How Medicaid expansion and criminal justice reform boosted each other in 2018 To submit a letter to the editor, go to this page or email... State Question 805 focuses on sentence enhancements. Criminal Justice Reform Greater OKC Chamber Task Force recommendations for reform of Oklahoma County’s criminal justice system. However, lawmakers haven’t shown much of a willingness to take on such reforms, leaving voters to decide the issue for themselves in November. An analysis by the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, a conservative think tank, of records from criminal convictions found that enhancements are used in four out of five cases where they are available, resulting in sentences that, on average, are 36% longer than those without the enhancement. Without reform, Oklahoma's prison population is projected to keep climbing, at a high cost to Oklahoma taxpayers, communities and families. Only a fraction of those bills will see any action, and an even smaller fraction will make it to Gov. Email. In past sessions, many criminal justice reform proposals have lost momentum by April, when the last major bill deadline hits. Legislators spent their session day Wednesday passing dozens of bills to the other chamber and to the governor’s desk. OKLAHOMA CITY – Sen. George Young, D-Oklahoma City, says minority communities are disproportionately impacted by the state’s criminal justice system, and Oklahoma’s state leaders need to reform how criminal justice decisions are made by analyzing the impact of proposed legislation on minorities through racial impact statements. Up for consideration are a number of proposals that have criminal justice advocates talking. … SQ 805 will still allow us to seek maximum sentences or decide to charge perpetrators of abuse with a violent offense.”. Gov. OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – After a historic legislative-led initiative to provide commutation relief for people sentenced with charges later made misdemeanors under state question 780, the 2020 legislative session has been a record disappointment in terms of making criminal justice reform a priority. If approved, it would prohibit the use of prior felony convictions to enhance sentences in nonviolent cases, and would let those serving time for nonviolent crimes who were sentenced with an enhancement to petition the court to have their sentences reduced. Learn More Who We Are: Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform is a coalition of business and community leaders, law… Want to stay up-to-date on all Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform initiatives? Governor Cuomo has aggressively pushed smart and fair criminal justice policies to ensure New York State remains a national leader in progressive reform. Recently, Oklahoma Gov. Justice Reform. — Jim Haadsma (@JimHaadsma) December 17, 2020. But this year, a broad coalition of groups have gotten A number of them will get a hearing during the first week lawmakers return to Tallahassee.

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