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rnd – round Before I knit my first sweater, I always found it so intimidating, but once you get the concept of how the type of sweater you’re knitting is constructed (in this case, bottom up with raglan sleeves), it seems so straightforward. Sleeves (use crochet hook G/6 4.25mm) Attach the yarn 1st round – ch2, dc to end + sl.st.1 into 3rd ch 2nd round – ch3, dc to end + sl.st.1 into 3rd ch Alternate 1st and 2nd rounds until you crochet the desired length of sleeves. There are so many wonderful ways to work that seam. I need college funds for my kids so every dollar counts. Totally doable! This was a copy and paste error from another size!! by Rina DeKouchay which indicate the decreases. When you finish today’s pattern, your sweater will look something like this.^ The armpit stitches still on scrap yarn, the neck hole still to be knit. For a raglan to fit correctly, you would typically increase/decrease on each side of the body (and at the front and back) and on each side of the sleeve on every right-side row or every other round if working in the round. The fit of a drop-shoulder should be oversized and sweat-shirty; it has no tailoring. My friend Sheila and I were in a knit club years ago. I have knitted it following these instructions many times, but it isn’t working, and the Back is much longer than the sweater should be. This diagonal seam as opposed to a set in sleeve moulds the shoulders and makes for a very forgiving and appealing sleeve pattern. Then, we will increase stitches along the raglan lines to create 4 sections, the front of the sweater, the back of the sweater, and two sleeves. It’s Friday, but due to an almost maniacal attention to detail on today’s post, I’m bumping Picks of the Week to tomorrow to bring you day 5 of the knit along. That’s a drop-shoulder. Or Click on Amazon banner below to shop and we'll earn small commission. LCx2 – work 4 stitches in a left leaning cable (2 stitches over 2 stitches) p – purl This technique creates a decrease that leans to the left. Instead, I calculated, recalculated, and calculated again the pattern for the Remy Pullover’s sizes XS-XXL raglan (shoulder/attached sleeves/yoke) decrease. But from what I can tell this would pull the pattern out of whack. Surprise! (I DID THE DECREASE FOR THE ABOVE TWO) BUT I'M STUCK ON THE FOLLOWING: {1 st twice every 2nd row, 1 st once every 4th row} 3 times and then 1 st 12 times every 2nd row.Here's the pattern: http://knitsi.com/knitting-pullovers/242-jumper-and-snood-knitting-pattern. If you’re large-busted and small-framed, this style will always look oversized on you, because to fit your bust, it’s going to be large everywhere else. The instructions state: decrease every 4th right side row, which could mean to do the decrease every 8th row. I used a bright orange yarn so you could see the designs. Enter here for a chance at an ah-maz-ing prize pack of lovely Lion Brand products. Shirts made with the raglan sleeve design tend to be more casual. I could not find a pattern for what I want, so I'm just winging it. The instructions state: decrease every 4th right side row, which could mean to do the decrease every 8th row. I cut the sz 8 top with raglan sleeves (the shoulder mods came out smashingly, I’m happy to say). In many cases, the sleeve is made from fabric of a different color than the rest of the shirt, creating a sporty look. Join in and write your own page! How? Your email address will not be published. One of the most simple: kf&b, k1 before marker; kf&b after marker. B: Side pockets and left-side sleeve contrast. @ www.to-knit-knitting-stitches.com. If your resulting sweater is too long, you may need to tear back and tweak the pattern to suit your personal knitting gauge. The first is to work two stitches together (k2tog or p2tog). The Remy Pullover knit along is brought to you by Lion Brand Yarns. Should it be, “repeat row 66”? I don't know when I need to decrease on the other end. . :). (New Maryland, NB Canada), I'm working on the back and I'm at the decrease for the Raglan. Check out Lion Brand on social media: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest. / #latchhookbook out now! The ridges where you’ve knit your k2tog’s and ssk’s will from two sets of parallel ridges on the front and back of your sweater, angling toward the neckline. Let me know if I’m nuts! Ragla n sleeve is a type of sleeve which is joined to the bodice with a diagonal seam which starts from the neckline and extends to the underarm. Lisa "Your stitch count should not change, it should be consistent row to row.For every SSK and K2tog you do there is a yo to compensate for the reduced stitches in the pattern. The contrast color stripes and florets add an attractive touch. Your cable motif should have continued evenly in pattern up from your sweater’s bottom hem and cuffs. Bind off. You pay nothing extra. I finished this hat awhile ago but didn’t get a chance to post it. Simply click here to return to Knitting Questions And Comments. Knitting, crochet, latch hook and macrame. The drop-shoulder sweater has no armhole shaping; it’s a rectangle from hem to shoulder. How? It will all depend on the size and fit of finished garment that you’d like to achieve. I don't know when I need to decrease on the other end. The pattern instructions says k3 then work the first st over the 2st This sounds like a bind off stitch. My work unapologetically features primary colors and vintage-meets-modern style. I am knitting a cardigan with raglan sleeves. My first book, Latch Hook: 12 Projects for the Modern Maker, is now available! This type of sleeve is knit along with the sweater. Please refer to the day 1 post & pattern for more sizing info. The raglan sleeve style is relatively new in fashion history. The Remy Pullover, Do the math, get the fit / Fall Knit Along Day 1, Knit Along Tips, Tricks & An Official Schedule, How to knit a raglan decrease / KAL Day 5, « How to Sew a Kitchener Stitch (a.k.a Graft Your Ends!).

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