80s thrash metal albums

Testament began life as Legacy with vocalist Steve ‘Zetro’ Sousa (later of Exodus), but Chuck Billy joined for this first album, whose title paid homage to the band’s, er, legacy. Various bands have played thrash metal at some point of their career. Embracing a technical thrash aesthetic, Cyclone upped their game considerably with some of the tigh… Ever so easy: there was heavy, and there was metal. Some might find Flemming Ronsdorf’s histrionic vocals a bit much, but their second album, Terror Squad, is quality Euro thrash. Few bands found record deals with major record labels. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, The world’s biggest and best metal magazine, How metal survived the epic clusterf**k that was 2020, The Story Behind The Song: Hearts On Fire by Hammerfall, Of Mice & Men preview Timeless EP with powerful new single Obsolete. The must-haves and should-haves from the genre that Metallica inspired in the early 1980s, as we pick the 10 best thrash metal albums . Bath It used to be easy. You know exactly what you’re getting on Lobotomy with its chant of ‘Brain killing brain!’ while Inner Self (‘Walking these dirty streets/With hate in my mind’) is a chilling tale of life in a third-world country. All rights reserved. But then something began stirring in San Francisco at the beginning of the 1980s, some spotty, basement-dwelling oiks who rarely ventured out into the West Coast sunshine began getting inspired by rapid-fire mid-70s punk and late-70s New Wave Of British Heavy Metal aggression. Hammett was poached by Metallica to replace Dave Mustaine, and Exodus drafted in replacement guitarist Rick Hunolt. Words: Nick Ruskell. 1: 1. They also wrote cunning melodies, as witnessed on Take This Torch. How many 80's Thrash Metal Albums have you heard ? 15,041 views made by Mad Butcher. Sadly, their window of opportunity was to prove short-lived. The guitars rattle like Gatling guns, but there are also all-important songs, as NWOBHM influences are brought to bear. Inspired by both the nascent thrash scene and the filthy hardcore punk intensity of Discharge and GBH, the Bristol bruisers played songs like Let There Be Death and Flame Of The Antichrist as if they could sense Lucifer’s breath on the back of their necks. Testament The Legacy (1987) ADVERTISEMENT. Featuring thrash classics from Slayer, Nuclear Assault, Metallica, Sepultura and more – but who’s come out on top? To that end, Worship Metal has selected the 15 greatest technical thrash albums of the 80’s for your delectation. Formed in 1978, the Canadians had taken the metallic might of Judas Priest and injected it with a massive dose of amphetamines, resulting in a sound that came ready-wrapped in studded leather. Guitarist Larry LaLonde went on to find fame in Primus. December 4, 2020 . Nemesis (1993) 4: Massacra. Released in the same year as Kill ’Em All, Heavy Metal Maniac was arguably a better indication of how thrash would develop than Metallica’s debut. Enjoy! Thank you for signing up to Metal Hammer. But they quickly outgrew their ‘Alcoholica’ nickname, denounced the thrash movement and distanced themselves from their peers. Testament also gained a new guitarist (Alex Skolnick) and the results were spectacular. Thrash metal was always fun; a deranged and violent reinvention of rock‘n’roll’s sacred principles. The fact remains that if aliens landed on Earth and somewhat implausibly demanded to know what thrash metal was, we’d play them this album. Has Dave Mustaine just revealed the title of Megadeth’s new album? Admittedly, Brutal Destruction may sound antiquated to modern ears but this semi-forgotten title had some clout in 1986! Sodom Agent Orange (1989) 7: 7. Singer Jason McMaster decamped to hair metal posers Dangerous Toys for reasons best known to himself, just prior to the follow-up Control And Resistance. Dave Ling Louder is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Adrian One Step Into the Uncertain (1987) Speed influenced Traditional Metal from Germany. But they quickly outgrew their ‘Alcoholica’ nickname, denounced the thrash movement and distanced themselves from their peers. Visit our corporate site. Designation (1991) 8: Protector. BA1 1UA. January 7, 2021 in Features: The 5 Metal Albums You Needed To Hear This Week (1st January – 7th January 2021) January 6, 2021 in Reviews: Rotten Coffin – Suffering, Chaos and Death – Demo Review January 6, 2021 in Features: Worship Metal’s 6 Most Anticipated Old-School Thrash Albums Of 2021! Songs like Stand Up And Fight and the remorseless Under Attack had all the ferocity and velocity that would become de rigueur in the years to follow. Hobbs referred to his band’s sound as virgin metal (as in, ‘pure’ metal) but in reality the band’s 1988 self-titled debut had more in common with the intense wall of Satanic noise offered up by the likes of Slayer.

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