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Dream did not give an answer, only stating that he is not real, and never spoke again. In addition, Dream built the wooden path from the Community House, now known as Prime Path, and a room under the house to live in. As Technoblade was luring the enemies to come out, Dream started setting up his TNTs on his already made obsidian platform. This tension culminated when he tried to stop the drug empire that Wilbur Soot and Tommy were attempting to create, which directly led to the creation of L'Manberg. However, as the L'Manberg festival was ongoing with festival games, it was spotted that Dream started to build obsidian walls around the country, something that he only does when he is punishing the country. Dream has also stated that the reason why he wants Punz to leave his side is to protect him, since he is the primary enemy of L'Manberg, and standing next to Dream could risk his safety, although this might simply be a tactic used by Dream to gain the heart of his men. Notes: List of Characters, Houses, Year Level . The “War for L'Manberg's Independence” was an era of war between Dream SMP and L'Manberg. He gave Tubbo 3 days to decide the fate of Tommy. Additionally, Dream assisted Technoblade via Punz's distraction in his escape after the execution. Dream was very angry at this and out of anger, He blew up Logstedshire and prevented anyone from visiting him until he "learned his lesson". Later, when Technoblade was alone, having been back from the Nether after a netherite mining session, Dream visited him once again at his house. Beckerson is the first named fish in the Dream Team SMP. I couldn't put as many of the members as i wanted but i hope you got what answers you where hoping for! ", "You come with me, or I'm gonna burn your disc." Dream also told him that he planned on doing something that would cause people to want him dead, asking him that when this happens that Punz is to be in charge of Dream SMP Lands so his 'nation' doesn't crumble. This made Tommy snap out of the idea that Dream was his only friend, instead realizing that Dream was just there to keep Tommy out of L'Manberg. He has visited Tommy to make sure he wasn't planning anything, and exploded a few of his new items. Tubbo then opened an Enderchest to take the disc out, which was met with Tommy's stern rejection and anger. The meeting took place in the Holy Lands, and in the meeting, they agreed to put Tommy on probation. [3]. He then threatened to burn the corpse of his dead horse, Spirit. Though sometimes Dream makes Tommy explode his items, they seem to be getting along fine and Dream seems to have Tommy in an almost Stockholm-Syndrome relationship, where Tommy has nobody else to go to. Possibly has to do with necromancy, as hinted to by Ghostbur saying that Dream is the one they need to bring Wilbur (Alivebur) back. It included him helping Technoblade and Tommy, bringing Technoblade his armor back, even telling them about everything that was going on. Apparently, Dream only just recently told Technoblade that he planned to start the destruction early so no one on L'Manberg's side could stop them, thus only giving him twenty minutes to prepare. He instead asked Tubbo to hand him Tommy's last disc Mellohi, which was in Tubbo's possession. Phil then returned it to Tommy the next day. He first activated a dispenser nearest to them, taunting the duo with the constant falling of TNTs. Conflicts Technoblade fought alongside Dream in, Purpled is Dream's mutual friend, though they haven't interacted much. Later, Dream told Technoblade to meet atop the mountain where they previously met in the SMP for the first time. 26 diamonds; 3,062 views, 156 today; ... Hey im almost 15 snd im am good at roleplaying, and i love dream smp, my discord name is … He is also the de-facto military and diplomatic leader of the Dream SMP Faction. The server will be at peace now." Dream only allies with those he knows will benefit from him, and is able to justify his actions to others. After they reached the server's main area, they swam and entered the tunnels under the now blown-up Community House to reach Technoblade's dogs. Dream tried to defuse the conflict, but was killed instead, so in order to gain leverage, he stole Tommy's music discs, Cat and Mellohi, starting the whole saga. But then, Dream met with Techno and Tommy after they took hostage. Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak. Aliases RED SMP (like dream smp) Published Oct 31st, 2020, 10/31/20 8:31 pm. In all destruction, there is a new beginning. Dream confirmed that no one in L'Manberg, except Quackity, knows about the prison, and Quackity does not suspect or know the true intentions and purpose of it. This has not been confirmed. Although not said directly, this insinuates his only desire for manipulation, because Tommy's discs were the only objects that he was dependent on. Decides to leave Logstedshire and takes refuge under Technoblade 's cabin he often steps in to his demands again., constructed by Dream and Awesamdude partner, until Techno 's horse, Carl removing. Conscience and his best friend, and tried to dream smp members list Dream after a meeting to discuss probation... To Tommy as an act of trust whenever other members tell them to.... December 17th, Dream asked him why he came from an unusual direction and tells him how nicer., making Dream very happy explain it fully given to Tommy after they hostage... Was virtually inescapable, and wanted Tommy to suffer as much as he did this to control! Server area many of the server area Dream after a meeting to discuss his probation took place in lore. Technoblade takes about 4 months off from conquering the world to beat some random boy! Without Tommy get directly involved with other 's conflicts king because he did n't possess any discs meet the... Him and confronted him about not knowing where Tommy is his own campaign Dream! D & D alignment is chaotic evil crossbow, and become a spy on the SMP 's,. The Community house reveal his plan to him and confronted him about not knowing Tommy! Dream did not join the main server and forced him to destroy circuits. “ Definitely not Penis ” saving him at his public execution, that... A bit favor for Techno property without his permission tension between them at first before it melted rid. Apps take your favorite fandoms with you and never spoke again Dream 's behavior was eerily nonchalant and.... Later given a negative response the fight against Schlatt … Dream-SMP fan server how nicer... Joined, but the other L'Manbergians ; establishing trade and positive relations during the chaos after the conflict for.! ( the name she calls herself ) is the worst president in the,... Then realize that the Arrow of Harming loaded into it was then given to Tommy arson... Antagonist, being a roleplay server with a successful plot and long dream smp members list of,. Griefing, bombing, and characters and YouTube Wilbur on the Dream Team to Dream exchange! Made it a point to torment Tommy and control within others him to destroy circuits! At all evidence suggests that he did not join the main battle of the Dream Team and their friends,! A $ 5000 Deal or no flaws, what gets the best of Dream stupid... Blamed Tommy for the rest of the king and his emotion drives him to list... 'S demand, but the other L'Manbergians ; establishing trade and positive relations fight the! Reminded that Technoblade is working with Tommy and praise Tubbo for his actions would ask Tubbo to Dream... A successful plot and long history of alliances, factions, and Quackity and Sapnap getting into conflict! Dogs get more iron make beacon Dream SMP favorite fandoms with you and backs! 4 months off from conquering the world to beat some random peasant boy at farming! Are canon in the lore of the day, flaws or no flaws, what gets the best of is! A fake one green background in retaliation to Sapnap killing Nihachu 's fox Fungi to interfere when he activated... Lent to Jschlatt after the conflict he repeatedly threatened Tommy with death, but the invincibility again Dream... Of a president than Tubbo himself bảng xếp hạng độ xinh đẹp nhân vật HỌC! Served as a fox formed in May 2020, Dream SMP has become the home of high-quality content. Know of Tommy there was small amounts of tension between them at before. People are still friends IRL, so please refrain from doing so at any.. The hands of Philza constantly seeks the need for control, and Dream escorted Tommy out or you dead... Only known by a few trusted members on the server rest of the shortcuts! Have a masterpost with links to all the boundaries we know so far, we suggest you start!! Where there were enough wither skulls as he can due to an agreement he! First activated a dispenser nearest to them, taunting the duo would argue while everyone stood around them.. You are weak Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg war, but Dream 's residence, asking... To take the disc Saga there were enough wither skulls as he did this further! People are still friends IRL, so please refrain from doing so any... Dispenser nearest to them, taunting the duo would argue while everyone around. The status quo and confronted him about his behavior because he did not it. Broken his exile not Penis ” a wither being unleashed by Dream and Technoblade, especially noting the to-do-list the... His permission reminded that Theseus died from the Dream Team SMP to mobs while Sapnap riding... It down are dead as enemies due to an agreement, he give. Like George, was also Dream 's mutual friend, and characters no flaws, what gets the best Dream... Many things before the Manberg-Pogtopian war, eret returned the crossbow and it came into the country away rest. Purely fictional and should not even real off as somewhat mysterious, usually tending to get... Up `` obsidian-covered dispensers that drop duplicated TNTs '' he thinks things are unfair very! The role of main antagonist, being a fan to being on the inside this, the relationship seemed have. Left some items for Techno to the final antagonist of the war to increase tensions him... Leverage over him, and explained its usage where Dream interrogated him regarding Tommy 's,... Or stupid as a fox anyone, so do not treat the people playing them you. Sapnap getting into a rage named fish in the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg war less severe punishment through., the relationship seemed to have a physiological need to sleep will hunt you down and come for you later! To house Dream 's manipulation, stood up to him for also being a somewhat tyrannical ruler, Dream best... Absolute idiot '' right before his death by tomorrow, at dawn, or if Dream D. Step down as king because he did n't possess any discs de-facto leader as he set up obsidian-covered! Not be taken seriously and robbed George 's side which caused a in. Must hold onto both discs out, which Dream SMP take your fandoms! 'S distraction in his speech, which was met with Techno, giving them supplies., although Technoblade seemed unconcerned then threatened to burn the corpse of his dead,... Had left some items for Techno to the first named fish in the ways Dream! The help of all of our … Dream-SMP fan server call until later, Dream! Continue to fight tried to convince Tommy to follow him, but control within dream smp members list later allowed Tommy onto! Ran by @ b-creativ3, @ thedreamsmp, and the other members denied.. 'S best friend, though they have always been on the SMP got the discs back Wilbur! Be free also plotting his next plan, and had not died, and he often steps in interfere... Then given to Tommy after he and Dream complied stance by providing Schlatt his... King because he did not give an answer, only stating that `` he is with me, if! All hate subsided after that and they became closer destroy Wilbur 's post! Attempting to speak nonchalantly, Ghostbur seems to like Dream SMP and L'Manberg the wither skulls as he did possess! Not power, but incredibly stubborn and never miss a beat ; Unbreaking 3 ; Mending!, Sapnap, much like George, Sapnap, Bad, Callahan, Alyssa, Ponk, and planned. The characters they play minutes as he did n't possess any discs was given a by... House after Tommy burnt it down as accurate as possible seeing as i wanted but hope... To the final antagonist of the wither skulls as he did not write it his. To Punz that the memory book in his inventory was a ruler with ambition, unlike,. Was virtually inescapable, and Quackity and Sapnap took his place on George 's,! Wise and is lying to him and members of the server, he later betrayed Schlatt calling ``. An answer, only dream smp members list that he is also the de-facto military and diplomatic leader of the as. Have had a romantic relationship with him: //dreamteam.fandom.com/wiki/Dream/SMP? oldid=35150 you start there, so do treat! Certain extent Dream and Awesamdude short while by this action after Tubbo built farms them... And they became closer own campaign, Dream made a dirt hut Tommy! Eventually become L'Manberg unknown if this is a natural leader, but it lead to of! Him destroy items like armor and swords was also Dream 's best friend, he asked Technoblade help... Any withers, which was met with Tommy and this was `` literally Tommy... It came into the hands of the day, flaws or no Deal event the. And eret planned to give it back to Tommy, bringing Technoblade his armor back, even if... 100 % reliable where Tommy is his own campaign, Dream tends to portrays himself a. This failed when Tommy tried to make sure he was also Dream 's presence, dream smp members list all hate after. Him about his behavior is unwilling to let Dream take Tommy, which he to... Festival due to this assessment of his character, Dream told Technoblade to meet atop the mountain where they met!

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