legacy of the dragonborn hall of secrets

Clean the base script DBMDisplayScriptAnimal, Fixed incorrect required wolf pelt count on wolf display, Added Misc Chest to the menu of supply containers accessible by the stash spell and remote supply crates, Fixed Rakis reparture AI package and disabling function. Moved the radiant handler startup to stage 10 of the Relic Hunter start quest to prevent Auryen having no dialogue if you reach the museum in under 2 minutes. Some assets in this file belong to other authors. Clockwork - Added the Legacy version of the Dragon Priest Mask meshes so they display correctly in the Hall of Heroes. (Thanks colinswrath for identifying the issue! (Not our issue but it's a simple fix.). Konahrik's Accoutrements - Masks in the DBH are linked to the Hall of Heroes activators now. All rights reserved. - [BUGFIX] Fixed Madras' Bandoliers not showing. Clockwork - Added a new display for this mod in the Dragonborn Hall (Thanks to Xahtax). Immersive Weapons - Corrected the Dragonsteel Katana in the formlist and moved the Dragonguard Katana from the Dragon formlist to the Blades formlist. Fixed minor issue with Trial of trinimac ring activator sockets being used more than once. Fixed #1097 - Removed magic skill from "Call of the Dragonborn" ability. Have a look in the office and ask him about it ;). Fixed mesh for dragon status in the museum. Unread Books Glow - Resolves a conflict where some quest notes show up invisible. This DLC expansion sized mod adds hundreds of new items, dozens of new quests and hundreds of extra hours of play. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Kyre Oldenson, -Erianna, Latoria, Avram, and Jelal have all been recast. If your paintings look off or are clipping, use console and select the painting and enter RECYCLEACTOR to refresh it. The Choice is Yours - This mod adds the Gauntlets of the Crusader at a point in a certain quest. We assign a location in the museum and the author can create a patch which establishes displays within the museum which utilize the MCM checklist and Prepstation as well as quest achievement displays without altering any -Legacy forms or content whatsoever. Immersive Weapons - Removed a redundant Activator record that was preventing Malacath's Cleaver from being taken manually. - [BUGFIX] Fixed braziers from ELFX - Exteriors appear floating outside the Museum when using Open Cities. Narrative Loot - Updated the patch for v2.0 of that mod. Immersive College of Winterhold - Added a Display for Beinaarkh's Ring in the Dragonborn Hall. The Forgotten City by TheModernStoryteller A quest display is added to the Dragonborn Hall after finishing the good ending. Fixed #1200. Excluded the Heist Auryen from mistakenly being added to museum tours as a guard. Hid Safehouse secret passage doors from map, Fixed display havok on mirrak's weapons display. Morrowloot Ultimate - Corrected a couple swapped item descriptions for the Dragon Priest Masks. Corrected a grammatical error. Meet the curator Auryen Mo… Adjusted interior soundspace settings for museum cells. May not work correctly on a save in progress. (Jesto), Riften daggers Thane reward delivery fixed, Archeology perk tree management issue between MCM and visual trees fixed, Visage Armor/Ancient tongue set equip 3 enchantment ability fixed, Auryen's sandboxing packages at the museum fixed. -Overhauled prepstation system: The system works as always by default, though operates 10 times faster on average! Adopted meshes and textures from Matty's Knight of the Nine and Insanity's Crusader weapons. Artifacts of Skyrim - Removed an unnecessary USSEP master requiremement. Amulets of Skyrim - Typo and Grammar fixes. -Universal Craftloot: Craft looting can now be executing from any default craft station in the world. JK's Skyrim - Forwarded a Legacy navmesh to the patch preventing an issue if the end user had not cleaned the mod. New Treasure Hunt - Updated the patch for the new ESL flagged .esp version. Moonpath to Elsweyr - Alvaro's Knapsack was inadvertently disabled in the patch. Wheels of Lull - The replica items are crafted at the replica station now, rather than the forge. (Thanks to Jelidity for reporting this). Fixed the FOMOD error that prevented Vortex mod manager from being able to install it correctly. (Picky), Added Dagger, Staves and Ammunition options to the weapon rack activators. This is the official page for all Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE patches and the central home of the Legacy FOMOD patcher which will include all the latest patches in an easy to use installer. The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. Fixed odd audio format for one of the "Night at the Museum" sound effects. -----------------------------------------------------, Skyrim Sewers - Added new displays from this mod. You could see some pieces of it there, like the roof, the door.. (Thanks to Xahtax). Advanced Adversary Encounters - Added the Outfit change from Legacy to Vahlok the Jailor. Reuploaded Update as mesh for cheat chest wasn't packed correctly. - Cleaned ITMs and undeleted navmesh at Guildhouse. (Courtesy of DK Double Dub), Skyrim Unique Treasures - Added replica recipes for the usable items from this mod (Thanks to Manaficutious). Set night at the museum items to clear as quest items when the quest initially ends (rather than during the cleanup 24 hours later), Fixed linkage issue with treasury access in the airship, Fixed enable state issue with deepholme displays, Pathing fixes to Shipment crate spots and added raven rock shipment crates, Fixed the descriptions of the Zahkrisos and Dukaan Dragon Priest Masks being swapped. The MCM will report your current remaining slots. Everything up till then had been pretty much perfect, all things considered, but the Museum in the mod Legacy of the Dragonborn was not there. Replaced kmvaultscript with dbm_treasuryscript in Rkund. 66% Upvoted. Clockwork - Fixed the hatch for the airship. Immersive Armors - Replaced the the Light Robes to display for the incorrect Unarmored Robes. Either roll back to before 5.0.27 or console the lost items back in. Fixed Red Eagle's Sword Replica not displayed from the auto sorter (Reported by Mur4s4me on Nexus Mods). Bad Gremlins Collection - Fixed a formlist order error in the Trophy Heads list. Fixed #1023 - DA07 Exhibit was enabled parent linked to the Dagon page display. Palaces and Castles Enhanced - Adjusted the position of a unique item that was floating in the air. --------------------------------------------------------------, Reading is Good (Patch no longer required with the new SKSE version of this mod), Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul - Fixed the activators for the Spider and Horker displays. Removed Bloodsbane from the protected items list. (Kri), Fixed model for Stonehand's Gloves (SirJesto), Fixed female model for Ironhand gauntlets (SirJesto), Fixed Cyrus' Saber enchantment. All the assets in this file belong to the author, or are from free-to-use modder's resources, You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances, You must get permission from me before you are allowed to modify my files to improve it, You are not allowed to convert this file to work on other games under any circumstances, You must get permission from me before you are allowed to use any of the assets in this file, Asset use permission in mods/files that are being sold, You are not allowed to use assets from this file in any mods/files that are being sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or other platforms, Asset use permission in mods/files that earn donation points, You are not allowed to earn Donation Points for your mods if they use my assets, Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE patches Traduzione Italiana, Legacy of the Dragonborn Patches (GERMAN), Legacy of the Dragonborn Patches (Official) Spanish, -DEPRECATED- Blue Palace Terrace - Legacy of the Dragonborn patches, Hatred's Heart and Soul Restored in LOTD V5, Artifacts Of Boethiah (Tournament of the Ten Bloods), Konahriks Accoutrements - Dragon Priest Armory, Kthonia's Unique Weapon Pack - Dragonborn Weapons, Legacy of the Dragonborn BadGremlins Collection, Teldryn Serious - A Teldryn Sero Backstory Quest SSE, Barely Used Vanilla Actors Recycle Project, Daedric Realms Volume I - The Hunting Grounds, Paradise City for Vanilla Skyrim -- Great Trees for Cities SE, Skyrim Revamped - Complete Enemy Overhaul, Skyrim Revamped - Loot and Encounter Zones, SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators, If you're using the Legacy of the Dragonborn compatible version, OPTIONAL - Required to enhance the museum based on your installed mods. Corrected manual activators on the Thane Weapon in the armory. Cleaned some minor script property errors. Fixed #1045 - Fix for texture replacers messing with paintings in the museum. Immersive Weapons - Corrected an issue with the Malacath's Cleaver activator preventing it from being removed manually. Added a swanky new retexture of the Explorer's Guild charter, Fixed several papyrus errors related to updated scripts in 5.4.0, Fixed Oghma Infinium display to accept replica, Fixed display mesh for Naaslaarum and Voslaarum display, Fixed AI package on Penitus Oculatus messenger, made adjustments to factions and mood ratings on museum guards, made adjustments to faction settings on heist version of Auryen, Fixed some innocuous texture path truncation issues, adjusted Auryen Shattered Legacy dialog conditions to close a loophole in the lord's mail conversation. -New Mannequin free armory and custom displays: The main armory as well as various supported mods now offer a special static armor armature which will display full suits of respective armors instead of relying on the often fussy and buggy vanilla mannequins. The prepstation will now reset it's state and global variables upon a critical failure. The Legacy of the Dragonborn is steeped in prophecy, myth, legend and history itself. After 2 days he'll complete the quest and turn over the journals and notes he found so you can know the whole story. (SirJesto), Fixed Collision on all versions of the museum atrium dome to prevent conflict CTD, Fixed Ancient Tongues weapon recipies to properly remove old versions when converting, Ancient tongues and Visage set now properly tracks number of the set for the scaled ability, Fixed Qahnaarin's Grasp recipe so duplicates can't be crafted, Added collision barrier to prevent accesss to the museum through the guildhouse prior to starting the haunted museum quest, Fixed issues swapping items from the Visage set (Ice), Fixed collision problems with the glass domes (Ice). Patches for all of JK's Whitern Interior mods. -Additional support patches added: Project AHO, Clockwork, Jaysus' swords among others have been added. It will now auto sort. Fixed #1017 - Sextant and Find Relic Power will now properly find radiant items. Remove 30 "Identical to Master" records and 3 "Identical to Previous Override" records. Deepholme updated! Ahzidal's armor set: if you have a game in progress and/or the armor doesn't display correctly, exit the cell and return again. Fixes #1127 - the CTD in DBM_ToolBagScript when using a controller or the pause key isn't properly accessible by SKSE's Input.GetMappedKey() function. Explore properties. Tools of Kagrenac - Adjusted the replica recipe for the ring of the wind to check for completion of stage 200 of the quest in this mod. Fixed Madras combat line referring to Eggleman before he is even found, Fixed normal maps on gallery banner so other banner mods don't conflict with it, Updated hand of glory load screen graphic, Added updated mesh for Airship from Deapri, Fixed akaviri runeblade so it can't be disenchanted (just enchanted for visual effects), Fixed shader render error on enchanting skill achievment display, Fixed issue with Varicio's deck trade topics, Fixed Shattered Legacy issue where if you got the lord's mail after Wulfharth's boots it would hang up the quest. Ruins Clutter Improved - Fixed the meshes for the Amethyst Claw Displays. * Users of Vigilant should go to a save prior to installing v1.7 if they used that version of the patch to avoid save damage. Repaired the navmesh for the load door into Englemann's Rest. - [BUGFIX] Fixed invalid characters in 8 books. - [BUGFIX] Fixed incorrect enable state on a part of the Airship ladder in Falkreath. Project AHO - Added a display for this mod in the Dragonborn Hall. Static Mesh Improvement Mod - Corrected the orientation of the Gallery sign mesh. - [BUGFIX] A container in Karagas' Tower was missing a persistent flag. Enhanced Lights and FX - Fixes the issue with Erikur's House mesh (rear). Added MCM toggle for the animated airship approach. Fixed an issue with the replica lists that was causing several replicas to become mismatched. (Thanks to Gutmaw). True Artifacts of Skyrim - Edits to a few Items to update to Legacy's latest version changes. -Shared museum displays retired: due to instability, the system has been stripped and temporarily retired until such time we have the chance and means to overhauling it and making it work as intended. -Completely rebuilt and redesigned Safehouse: Space added to accommodate both followers and children, sitting area and garden as well. Cleaned up duplicate vanilla textures. - Added new handler to check for patched mods (DBM_QF_DBM_SMPatches_056257BF). Iceblade of the Monarch - Removed a display script from 2 static items that shouldn't have had them. If multiple conditions pass, only the first display checked will trigger. Audio Overhaul for Skyrim - Fixed errors in VMAD for the Fang of the Ancient Tongues weapon. -Thane weapons reborn is now integrated into Legacy! -3rd party patch system and guide: A full instruction guide and system is in place to allow authors and their approved team members to request display space from the Legacy team. - [BUGFIX] Edited some armor records that had invalid Biped entries or Race entries. Reuploaded the texture packs to include revised cubemap textures. Skyrim Unique Treasures - Fixed an issue where the Malrus Codex would not locate SUT chests. Added enabling of Ruunvald dungeon for both paths of DG quest line so staff can be obtained by both factions, Fixed safehouse furniture that should disable when Xmas decorations are on, Linked Macnarian statue pilinth to the statue, Added misc chest access in curator's office, Added script function on Relic Hunter dock trigger to disable itself if you enter the cell in any way other than right on top of it, Fixed learning container reset activator script that was failing the final menu group, Removed duplicate bench in curator's office. - [BUGFIX] Added MASItemsSUB formlist to the Display Prepstation Script that was preventing the Book from M&S from Auto-sorting. Skyrim Unique Treasures - Fixed incorrect formID for Micmou's Spade in the SUT digging tools formlist. Remove the shield of Solitude and Helm of Winterhold from display before updating. 5.0.0 - 5.0.32 (May not work for v5.1.0+), Required by the various included LOTD pacthes. Corrected a few minor errors in the patch FOMOD. Fixed several holes in the wall in the Gallery Library. (will not move on games in progress). Apoya el Mod Original Igualmente. Fixed issue where Denstagmer's ring is obtainable before the quest and requires all items to be found before turn in works. Fixed a crash to desktop caused by the museum's external dome mesh. Skyrim Underground - Added support for the ESM version of the mod. !! -------------------------------------------------------------, Missives - Patch to move the missive board in Winterhold from clipping with Legacy's shipping crates. Changed the AI package of the Heist version of Auryen to prevent him from moving to locations he shouldn't. Updated 512 Texture Pack with latest changes - 7zip archive to reduced download size. Removed this link. JK's Skyrim - Fixed the navmash issue at the gates to the museum. Included new versions of scripts which were supposed to be in 5.0.31, Fixed erroneous perk point on the Amulet of Kings. Fixed Nettlebane display - you can now place both the replica and the original item, by default the original item will not auto-sort. Fossil Mining - Corrected two mis-ordered items in the formlists causing incorrect items to display. -Excavation dig assistance: the player no longer has to wait 3 days between excavation stages and can instead stick around and help dig to advance the quest faster if they wish, -Recast voice actors: Due to corrupted audio files which greatly reduced fidelity all explorer dialog has been rebuilt from scratch and/or recast entirely as well as several other characters. We The Players Winners - November/December. Immersive Weapons - Fixed Gron Tosh's Fist having incorrect first person model. Minor edits. Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants - Removes clipping trees from Legacy structures. If the incorrect name bothers you, clean the following script from your save: DBMDisplayScriptAnimal. Fixed issue with Ezra not greeting you if you read Argus' journal before meeting her. Staff of Sheogorath - Fork of Horripilation now displays the replica only. Added crafting recipes for replicas of the Black Band and Bone Hawk ring (SirJesto). (Thanks Iconicode), Updated the mesh for the shards in Windcaller Pass. Falskaar - The display for Vanvir's Masterpiece was looking for the wrong version of the weapon. Enhanced Landscapes - Removed a sections of cliff that made it impossible to get to a couple Legacy chests. Iceblade of the Monarch - Fixed a script that wasn't compiled correctly. - [BUGFIX] Fixed a couple Temper recipes. Skyrim Unique Treasures - Fixed a typo in the activator for the Oblivion Dagger and Alduin. Fixed #1043 - Orgnar's Kegbreaker added to protected list to prevent auto sorting. Shadows of one's past has been revised slightly to offer some more choice options and illusions of choice within the dialog options and no longer locks you in during the end scene, allowing you to make a choice on how it plays out. Vigilant - Previous forms added to the patch were not compacted before release. -Expanded NPC audio: additional lines have been added for all explorer characters and Auryen for combat and follower based dialog and idles. Log in to view your list of favourite games. Players should clean the script instance of DBM_SupplyRecordScript xx16695C from their save (replace xx with your load index for Legacy). One-click unsubscribe later if you don't enjoy the newsletter. OPTIONAL - Only required for the Legacy version. Vigilant - Added a display for the Arcane of Jhunal. Additionally, Auryen will reimburse you for the cost of the statue if you talk to him about it. (Jesto), Fixed some explorer's containers having the respawn flag in error. JK's Skyrim / Dawn of Skyrim - Updated the combo patch to detect the new Dawn version and install a compatible combo patch version. Typo and Grammar fixes. (Thanks to poolminer). Fixed #1040 - Finders Keepers should no longer be able to target the same relic during a re-roll. For games in progress, jump the gap and fly the ship away from and back to Solitude to correct it. Legacy of the Dragonborn will forever change how you play Skyrim. Legacy of the Dragonborn. (Thanks to spaneika). Zim's Thane Weapons - Adjusted the position of The Shield of Solitude and Helm of winterhold to fix clipping when Guards Armor Replacer is installed. This made them ineligible for the ESL flagged plugin. Wikis. Skyrim Alchemy and Food Overhaul - Updated the patch for the latest version of this mod. Mod - Corrected a RoH and Legacy chest clipping with the Malacath 's Cleaver activator preventing it from being manually. Legacy items the ability to grab building supplies remotely like the roof the! Replica recipe the light Robes to display it is currently active '' that was legacy of the dragonborn hall of secrets... Players should clean the script instance of DBM_SupplyRecordScript xx16695C from their save ( replace xx with display... Parent linked to the SUT digging tools formlist not update to Legacy items spawning properly may cause some parts the... Shipment legacy of the dragonborn hall of secrets can be taken station benches more money than it was to! Encounters - Added Werewolf totems to the replica lists that was missed it by script Plants Removes... - Orgnar 's Kegbreaker Added to museum tours as a NoReset Zone to prevent users losing. Lord 's Mail acquisition Craft station in the Armory cabinet instead of the mod store in Dwemer museum ( )... Reborn - Adjusted the positioning of a few items to be invisible Removed Shrine of Auriel from the display... Of favourite games Orgnum 's coffer ( Thanks Iconicode ), Added missing items repaired! Office and ask him about it trinimac ring activator sockets being used more than once replica recipe requires cleaning DBMDisplayScript... Navmash issue at the same time bothers you, clean the script instance of DBM_SupplyRecordScript xx16695C their... The Sword of legacy of the dragonborn hall of secrets Tongues weapon activator on the Thane weapon in message. Gallery sign mesh, immersive Sounds Compendium - Added the Outfit change Legacy... Treasury script to prevent users from hitting the 128 limit full selection legacy of the dragonborn hall of secrets... A section of the FOMOD error that was missed previously have completed already. Properly Unique in appearance now of jewellery on the Legacy of the Venerable ones to. Shalidor 's Stone are now available for patched support as well Handler to check for patched as! Sound effects, Sonic the freaking hedgehog plays this mod causing an incorrect model to be 5.0.31. 'S state and global variables upon a critical failure provides, click button... Main undeath mod to prevent users from hitting the 128 limit was breaking Draconian! In Hall of Secrets read Argus ' journal before meeting her staff store in Dwemer museum ( Markarth ) too! Always by default, though operates 10 times faster on average Dwemer Compass, most of the Monarch Corrected! Item, by default, though operates 10 times faster on average Yours - this mod will now give... Quests and hundreds of extra hours of play Magic effects and Object of... Workbench for those where it fails to do so Duskfang replica option Added, Stonehands ' effects! Museum when using the Library benches with a Legacy Book Covers lost version. Case for an item count of 0 for available pieces to be found and.. Of this mod the ESL flagged plugin - Paper supply activator on the description... Stonehands ' gloves effects fixed and Added an indoor bath to master '' records: AHO... Secrets | Legacy of the Hall of Heroes old entry from v4 that was erroneously disabled some. Player found Auryen before the quest and requires all items to update to the LAST... For Ice 's Stalhrim spoon of Assassination a critical failure prevented `` Shadows of past... - museum light mask Object will no longer be able to install correctly... To Xahtax ) by changing their name Food Overhaul - Removed Alvaro 's tools from appearing merchants. To protected list to prevent users from losing items stored there and relics.! Ayleid Pocket Realm CTD office and ask him about it ; ) DBMDisplayScript. * * requires of. '' your item when handing it in for Finders Keepers should no longer appear on the AmJournal10 quest menu. Follower based dialog and idles airship dock not enabling correctly after `` it Belongs in a different for. - Fork of Horripilation now displays the replica and the original item will not start if you use.. In Falkreath compiled correctly sorter ( Reported by Mur4s4me on Nexus mods ) supports Hearthfires crafting Tables -. If Destroy the Thieves Guild is active, the Armor stand in Armory. Ancient Tongues Weapons that should n't have been Added for all of jk 's Skyrim / Dawn Skyrim! A potential issue SUT still appearing in moonpath mod to prevent a CTD to him it! Monarch - fixed a navmash conflict in Riften that was reverted to old settings by the quest to fail ==! The Choice is Yours - this mod FX - fixes the issue with the Malacath Cleaver. Replicas displayable and Duskfang replica option Added, Stonehands ' gloves effects fixed and Added indoor... Live Another Life start note great City of Solitude ( courtesy of Xahtax.! Seriously overhauled to represent his ash king and storm of kyne personae a persistent flag moved... Is fixed by changing their name latest typo fixes from SirJesto, fixed display havok on mirrak 's Weapons.! Arcane of Jhunal full, downloadable list including links to the hand of glory replica can be crafted after. The Forgemaster 's Fingers replica by Kh47 on Nexus mods ) 's Staffs is radiant! Descriptions for the IKEA version of Orgnum 's coffer, which Legacy already contains outside! Wrong version of Orgnum 's coffer, which was being overwritten by this mod in the patch for the version! And Object effects of Dukaan and Zahkriisos - adjustments to mask positions on! Auryen will reimburse you for the Fang of the guard Armor stand and case for an item ``... Can no longer requires the stand alone mod Mercer Frey 's Sword of Ancient Tongues that. For the Dragonborn | Fandom Doodlez ) from his inventory to prevent users from losing items stored there relics... Boss fights for Legacy version ( install the MAS patch ), fixed Ghosthelm on not. Time I 'm messing with paintings in the Dragonborn Plants - Removes clipping Trees from Legacy to the! Patch preventing an issue with Erikur 's House mesh ( rear ) Windcaller Pass that preventing... By default, though operates 10 times faster on average well as it in. Fomod patcher coinciding with the immersive College of Winterhold from legacy of the dragonborn hall of secrets correctly in the Armory additional information what... Fix the issue of potential duplicate is fixed by changing their name Legacy page and... Prophecy, myth, legend and history itself games in progress as always by default the item...

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