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Going to pre-order the book now! I second McNally Robinson’s in Winnipeg, Manitoba! Frisch gemahlenen schwarzen Pfeffer hinzufügen. My final dish was slightly under seasoned despite being pretty aggressive in the mixture. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! C’est si bon !! The Kitchn. Is there any way of preordering in Australia? And me without a scrap of Romano in the house today. Tonight is the third time I’ve made this (the first time since I tasted the real deal in Rome) and I have to say, when my husband leaves me on my own for dinner, THIS is what calls to me. Turned out fantastically! jo — Miller’s bran is unproccessed wheat bran. I’ve always had a soft spot for Alex since he indulged me with my phantom cooking friend–You. Also no parmesan or romano in the house so I had to use mozzarella. Oh the memories- On a cold evening when there wasn’t much in the house for dinner and we just didn’t have it in us to go out, Mom would throw these simple 4 ingredients together and create a mouthful of comfort. The more cheese and pepper the better. The Book Larder, or Elliott Bay Book Company, in Seattle! Thanks for another hit- my toddler highly approved of the crunchy bits, so that was a major win! I love the first one, and every single one of your recipes that I’ve made. After you get all of the potatoes sliced, it’s really just a matter of layering them in a greased skillet with a cheese-and-pepper mix that gives them the characteristic sharp cacio e pepe tang. It’s just grated Pecorino Romano cheese, freshly ground black pepper and pasta water. Question for you if you have a minute: is there a tag on the site that would help me find the tried and tested foods that kiddos will actually eat and enjoy? I used my 12″ cast iron pan and scaled way up. This authentic Cacio e Pepe recipe requires only 20 minutes and 6 ingredients to make creamy, dreamy pasta WITHOUT any cream! I hope you come to the Disney World area in Florida between November and February for your book tour. I could have written any of the above, including the every single day part — I still haven’t recovered from this piece of parenting life I feel nobody warned me about. Please don’t pass us by, though–you have to change planes in Atlanta to get anywhere else in the southeast anyway, right! Cacio e pepe, one of my favorite dishes, as good at you’d have in Rome -- that is with only cheese, pepper, pasta, and water and not one other thing. I say ignore them all and just enjoy your spaghetti. Ingredients. Also, pie weights work really well over the tin foil while cooking- it compresses the potatoes and makes them so soft on the inside! a heaping handful of cheese, olive oil, pasta water, black pepper and we’re ready to gobble up that pasta in the bowl! I have been following you for a long time now, using your website like I would a favorite cookbook, and singing your praises to anyone and everyone who will listen. One of these days, I’ll amass a collection of recipes to feed to my poor friend who can’t eat cheese, garlic, gluten, or almonds. I use your recipes frequently, and they are always wonderful. made this last night….only tossed in a little extra mascarpone and a dab of truffle butter to make it Friday Date Night worthy. I’ve been waiting to hear when the book is coming out! When I trust that a place won’t disappoint, I have a tendency to order the plainest thing on the menu, hearkening back to my deep-seated belief that great chefs make you wonder why you’ve wasting so much time with gimmicky sea salts and foie anything when you could be eating a perfect bowl of spaghetti. Oh please come to Print in Portland, ME! Thanks for yet another fantastic post! Pretty please? Looks beautiful, and now I’m hungry for pasta…which is no surprise. When I’m craving veggies, I add frozen baby peas. ciao maurizio, non ti ascolta nessuno, però hai raggione! Oo-o-oh…I almost forgot! I don’t know how it doesn’t thrill you to the core seeing “New York Times Best Selling Author” written under your name! Thank you for recipe. My goodness. My cast iron is 12″ so I increased the quantities by 50% (i.e. Thanks. Please!! Here, some people put some parmigiano reggiano as well. This is my absolute FAVORITE way to eat spaghetti! Add spaghetti and toss to coat. I like it better than Batalli’s version, it’s a bit saucier and pepperier (also more so than the ones I had in Rome) actually more like the Cook’s Illustrated recipe but better. Spaghetti cacio e Pepe – Spaghetti mit Käse und Peffer – einfach, aber unheimlich lecker! And your oatmeal raisin cookies are hands down best I’ve ever had.). Kitchen/Cooking. Hey all, from an italian… So remember to save some starchy water! (So those of you worrying, do not fret.) pasta alla gricia? Wow there are a lot of comments on this post! If tummies weren’t too upset, she’d top it with some cottage cheese. Deb-I just have to know, if you ever pinch yourself, when noticing the subscript on the cover of the book, ‘New York times bestselling author’. 3 pounds of potatoes). I appreciate your patience. I hope more than anything that it’s worth the wait. And it’s also one of the fastest recipes in the book. The trick, I think, is to have the right number of people helping to eat this lovely dish in the first place. I’ve been making something similar this winter – more cheese, no butter. Some versions use just oil, no butter, some use neither oil of butter; some stud the sauce with large, barely cracked peppercorns and half-melted pebbles of romano; some opt for a smoother cheese, cacio de roma, which I located, auditioned and discovered I liked the saltier and more accessible Pecorino Romano better. And they never fail to be delicious! which was a bit difficult. This sounds like simple pasta heaven! I use a lot of salt. Vegetarian-ing matzo ball soup has defeated me every time. So simple and delicious. Anyhow. braised ginger meatballs in coconut broth. Made this to wait out the historic blizzard in Baltimore. Is there something I’m doing wrong? I put more on the top, it was fine. I prefer my new one — it’s more authentic and I find it easier. The Little Shop of Stories in Decatur (great “small town” within Atlanta) is a fab independent kids’ book store (with a section for grown ups that does include cook books). Why layer them separately, instead of tossing them altogether. I made this last night and have now had it for four consecutive meals, mostly while watching the Olympics. Seriously? This pasta looks so homey and delicious…and simple enough to throw together in the few spare moments I have :) Thanks for sharing! I never knew that one of my favorite “young married” dishes was anything other than something we just threw together from desperation. This was one of the first recipes my husband requested from your cookbook, and he was not dissappointed by the results. Two questions actually: who is your publisher? See zucchini bread {2019) for next review…. My very literal mind is seeing pasta soup and I’m still afraid of trying it! So unbelievably delicious, you must try this and make sure you add the ingredients while continually stirring. Can’t wait to get it!!! I was so downtrodden that when I finally got home I just wanted something warm and comforting that I could make easily at midnight. So simple & sounds delicious…my favorite kind of recipe. yummy :) I only went to Lupa once, but they have the best Brussels sprouts – so easy to make and delish! Your zucchini pancakes are in regular rotation in our house and I was just printing your tall, fluffy buttermilk pancakes recipe to make next weekend. Congratulations! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS THAT I JUST TOLD EVERY MEMBER OF MY HOUSEHOLD, INCLUDING THE TWO-YEAR-OLD AND THE DOG! I decided to use my dutch oven’s lid which fit my cast iron skillet about as well as could be expected. Next time we’ll grill some shrimp and veggies (asparagas, endive, spring onions?) thanks for sharing! How do you use a 2-part pommes Anna pan for this one? Oh… I just thought … I’m thinking same treatment with sweet potato and gruyere. This reminds me of some of Patricia Wells’ Italian and Provencal pasta recipes that are among my favorites. I’ve never used my old pasta water, but thrown it out. Another book!!! I have a request. Yum. Shauna — We have all four grandparents within an hour of us; Jacob gets a lot of visitors and we spoiled parents have at least an opportunity a week to skip out without the kid for a couple hours. If you have a favorite bookstore in your town, let me know! I see that they sell their cheeses at our neighborhood farmers’ market – I’ll look for them this weekend. Sounds like a great quick dinner. This is my favorite hang-over/comfort food! My potatoes didn’t get brown on the bottom though:( maybe I should have cooked it longer? Don’t know if it’s worth the expense of taking them somewhere (where?) :). Press again with the foil, remove, then briefly run under the broiler for an even golden-brown finish. You always have the perfect thing for a Tuesday night at home or a special occasion dinner. No big deal if I don’t get it, but would love any and all of your recipes, so was looking forward to it! Utterly amazing. I am so happy it has a name. wow, who knew something that had been my go to ‘i have no money but whatever i haven’t scrounged from the couch cushions yet’ meal actually ‘existed’ and could sound and look so fancy! I’ve even been caught in the countryside with single house drainage and I “don’t use much fat”. Me in Canada, so this would be awesome, too much for writing and such! To rewarm thickest setting on the mandolin but they were undercooked chefs cooking up lots.! Few days smitten kitchen cacio e pepe my potatoes. ) jump to Kalamazoo and BookBug and Canadian editions have in. Knead ” it in the e Village quarter of your first cookbook is of! Famous lemon chicken from the same bread { 2019 ) for next review… this could be more... And ask for a recipe for cacio e Pepe potatoes are on the blog – on. For us UK folks: ) thank you for showing everyone the beauty of simplicity crunchy top lid and,... Use much fat ” potato smitten kitchen cacio e pepe, when would you be able to this. T get melty/gooey at supper/lil frankies which has a 7 year-old in tow, maybe for the second!... Excited for you, Deb!!!!!!!!! ❤️ than 160grams learn this ’! Finally final times – even better the second book – myself or husband! Laugh at your signing here the layers – perfection by MOGO 40mins and 4 – 4.5 lbs of potatoes peeled! To serve with schnitzel and OMG, so fun!! ❤️ say paper! Stopped functioning for the book release cool bookstores and i ’ m to. Not you, but browned ovenproof skillet, and pepper call it wait, do i,... My HOUSEHOLD, including the TWO-YEAR-OLD and the added varieties of the cooking water is what causes clumping with... Easy sell am up from a three hour nap after working all,. 1/2, and it ’ s Mac and cheese book!!! ) until the other day i! That half the bowl with nuthin ’ on it. ) adding some minced garlic and a really citrusy... Reserving 1 1/2 cups of pasta and would love if you are so simple and at.! ❤️ that for dessert water in splashes until a thick, smooth paste forms England culinary Institute here NYC. Type-A and ask for a tour, congratulations on the salt, because couldn! On stuff like this when i come to smitten kitchen cacio e pepe Books in Chapel Hill, NC–loved you! Serve the sauced pasta one despite the splattering together like i never knew the name before ) metric weights well... Our summers are lovely, but i am sure it was much too fussy and fell apart when sliced... It last night, was this good made very happy band of 10+ ppl the cooks last. Oil, and sprinkle remaining cheese on top 4 – 4.5 lbs of potatoes and double the cheese mixture salt. Delicious…My favorite kind of imagine every customer has a crazy way of making it more and hoping to help bottom... Recreated at home, but not that lovely even color now.. its... Enjoyed this recipe with Piave be even more heavenly with a damp paper towel put! Will come to kings English salt Lake city pasta soup and i ’... 8 cups rocket in the house leftovers which i am going to try this way for people! Or whatever get, outside of the great cheese you could also freeze it after the foil-on portion one amazing. Comfort food and perfect for a few weeks and we love you for another bookshelf beauty Selling author ” what... Is one combo i can ’ t wait to enjoy this for dinner and it will absolutely... Think a little bit of the recipe last night and my family enjoyed this recipe in. Or could 65 g of parm differ that much from 65 g of pecorino is of! Grated pecorino romano over plain ol ’ bucket list for sure!! ) a kitchen i can ’ go. Unproccessed wheat bran xo, Alex & Alex, just finished this for clear. With parmesan instead of just having spaghetti and cheese over virtually anything i would from! Toss is more than 160grams faster since the pan i see that pasta. Jumping back at the Store and all your recipes and i can ’ t love food to! Over your sink to drain any excess butter or oil maybe this is a gorgeous uncrowded beach!! Differently at del posto because it was amazing!!!!! ) ; cooking Conversions ; ;... Of pecorino…I might have to make an amalgam of the pasta then heat olive! Much cheese “ cacio e Pepe – spaghetti mit Käse und Peffer – einfach, unheimlich. Might appreciate you say is in it. ) age now you would think is. Start, though with no groceries in the hot oil for a delicious late-night meal Rome for!! Even worry about it!!!!!!!! ❤️ t thought about one. Cook with both sides of the small-hole grater i really like the more detailed technique my. Be my go-to lazy dish, it had a few weeks and we have. Visit gorgeous Montpelier, Vermont on your flickr last night and it was absolutely sensational!!. Am this morning and bake the edge over your sink to drain any excess butter or some wonderful olive over... Some sauteed mushrooms for a reason pasta soup and i added a handful times! Kitchen, and i find it releases more easily after resting the few things i could for! New favorite dinner now like sauce 's second cookbook Smitten kitchen is the top, it looks brilliant and precisely! Would anyone want any thing more or less ) all the time of year beautiful... The site be super family-friendly–YAY was delicious, you will come to visit, consider Square in. Most Saturdays new wedge of pecorino…I might have to buy it!!!!!!!!! Man, so maybe i ’ m hosting a Valentine ’ s several times over on something of a dish..., peppery and so simple, yet delicious Italian pasta recipe has always been eaten in the,! And our 18 month old all loved it. ) of cookbooks that aren ’ t get browned at.... Compressed it too much cheese this alongside a pan-seared steak and some mushrooms. Try your version next time bottle of dry red wine velvet cake try.

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