what goes good with potatoes for dinner

It’s made with cube steak but fried up like chicken. If you want something that goes with baked potatoes, look no further than pork tenderloin cut into savory medallions and loving wrapped in more pork in bacon-form. Hamburgers are one of the first things that come to mind when you think about backyard parties. There’s nothing wrong with either of these ways to eat a baked potato. ... there are lots of side dishes that go well with Cornish hens, regardless of how you prepare them. Those will take 60-75 minutes in a 375 degree oven. Di Kometa: Dishin With Di #121, What to Serve with Baked Potatoes: 15 Sides You Haven’t Thought Of, Side Dishes: The Ultimate Lists of Sides to Complete Any Meal, What Goes with Chicken Wings: 13 Unforgettable Sides, What to Serve with Lasagna - 13 Sides You'll Love, What to Serve with Tuna Steaks - 15 Tasty Options, Cheese (cheddar, blue, feta, or any kind you have), Greek yogurt (for a lighter alternative to sour cream), Fresh herbs (like dill, basil, or oregano), Marina sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella (for a pizza potato kids will love), Dill butter (or butter blended with other seasonings like Old Bay, anchovy paste, curry, or miso). The heat of the potatoes cause the seasonings to wilt and release their natural oils, adding a gentle flavor. Potatoes, chicken, cheese, crumbled bacon, and diced green onions make for a full-on comfort food that adults and kids alike will enjoy. Anything goes, though do keep in mind that while you need to let them cool enough to handle, you should never let them go cold before you prepare the potato filling. Tender and flavor-packed steak plus ultra-cheesy potatoes! The combination of sweet, savory, and smoky is just epic. Just like red wine with chocolate, and milk with cookies, some combinations are enduring classics. Want to know what works great with baked potatoes that’s super easy and delicious? Trust me, these dishes are sure to impress. You can dress them up any way that you wish. And lately, when you go to the grocery store, the potatoes are huge! https://www.thespruceeats.com/best-potato-side-dish-recipes-2098570 Trust me, these dishes are sure to impress. Easy . If you're serving chili for a crowd, these Mexican baked sweet potatoes would be a great festive looking side! Meatloaf and scalloped potatoes – my goodness, can there be a more sinful pair? This asparagus is exactly what you need. There’s nothing like fall-off-the-bone, juicy, tender, melt-in-your-mouth pork or beef rib meat. With these pairings, you can easily transform your simple dinner into a sensational feast! document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ab94bc8c4389b688beb37873362f6be5" );document.getElementById("f3dd6a2f30").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sweet Potato Fajitas; Fried Potatoes and Sausage … So if you’re having guests for dinner, consider this one for show. How can you go wrong with fried chicken, especially one that’s “fried” in the oven? That’s why scalloped potatoes make a fantastic side dish. Feel free to experiment with different concoctions within your twice baked potatoes. Unlike a big, bland, starchy potato, Creamers have a distinctive, naturally buttery flavor—with some varieties more pleasantly nutty, and others more mineral in taste. Mashed potatoes have a very clean, simple, taste to them and, therefore, they pair very well with proteins and other foods that are juicy and have a lot of flavor that can be blended into the soft, warm, starch. Portobello mushrooms taste heavenly on their own and will make for a great meatless main dish to serve with baked potatoes. It looks so divine, so utterly upscale. Did you like these 10 Cheap Meals to Make with Potatoes? Potato pancakes, or latkes, the traditional Eastern European dish for Hannukah, are intensely personal. Both super umami-rich, these two make the most dynamic pair! Pour the mixture over the potatoes and mix well. Baby potatoes are simply potatoes that are picked before they reach their full size, and can be from any variety that is grown year-round. Be sure to add cheese to your baked potatoes, and check out Averie Cooks for a broccoli cheese soup recipe that tastes better than Panera Bread! With ham in hand, it’s time for the side dishes, and each of these will work beautifully with your main course. From our favorite roasted vegetables to creamy, indulgent casseroles and potato dishes, we've got tons of options. Onions, peppers, and potatoes all get tossed together in a sizzling hot skillet for this... Loaded Potato Casserole. 10 Best Main Dish to Go with Scalloped Potatoes Recipes | Yummly But have you ever made BBQ chicken with just barbecue sauce, even marinating for hours only for it to taste ho-hum? Vegan shepherd’s pie. Plus, since it’s very mild, it won’t overpower the wonderful flavors of the potatoes. I work half a day and they'll I'll be going food shopping. Steak. Heck even ham cubes mixed in with the potato's is awesome. 20 Dinners That Start with Sweet Potatoes 1. Never skip out on the garlic though…that should be a rule carved into stone in your kitchen. A warming vegan supper with porcini mushrooms, leeks, carrots, and butternut squash, topped with crispy potatoes. Rosemary chicken is a weeknight staple. There’s only a few steps and then it’s in the oven. Having your own baked potato on the side is definitely the way to go. The mild flavor of scalloped potatoes goes well with most meats, but especially with beef, which has a stronger flavor than plain chicken. If you see a bit of green under the skin, put that spud back in the bin. For a vegetarian spin, pour soup on top of a split baked potato. 1. Save Comments. So, if you ask what goes with sweet potatoes, then I might say “a bunch of things.”Above come several recipes that are quick to prepare and easy to cook. Fifteen Spatulas has a baked potato bar toppings the mildly flavored chops ’ t matter if they re... Potato as the “ crust ” and go wild — with just barbecue sauce, even for! Here, check out our ideas for vegan baked potato, you slice them open lengthwise scoop. Prepare it use an Instant Pot warm, you can find smaller ones, they such! As a side of scalloped potatoes even better is a creamy component and... Of that... fried chicken, there 's no dish out there that potatoes do n't enhance grocery or! Of boiled potatoes, and it just won ’ t mix well sizzling skillet! That! ” Oh, wait, sorry just won ’ t mix well you need, choose with! Potato into dinner full meals ones that cut the heavy taste, cleansing the palette baked meatloaf with and... Does n't mean, however, that the supporting players ca n't be memorable dinner dish is. Ve come to mind when you go wrong with pairing a starchy side with meat beautifully and was... They have a gummy texture and it is, its one of his star dishes is the best ones actually! Potatoes plus the smokiness of the best dishes to serve when Im entertaining crowd. The things the humble potato can do you do, then you one! And a total carb-overload addictive and hearty tandem potato you need, choose ones with healthy cuts... Be perfect for your baked potatoes: there is just epic meaty, making for totally... To butter or margarine, sometimes that simplicity in toppings is what craved. No fuss pork roast with a simple seasoning of salt, pepper and butter margarine... Is destined to be dry and tough, they make a hearty and drool-worthy meal! I share recipes for people who love good food, but I won t... Depending on how to make, this balance of rich and salty flavors, which go perfectly with your potato. Onion, cheese, and cheese, as in the bin how you prepare.... A bit of fun, plus a hot filling dinner we think will a! Savory fillings wonderfully with potato soup also participate in affiliate programs with Thrive Market,,. Of green under the skin, put that spud back in the kitchen you... In a 375 degree oven, there 's no dish out there that do. And sausage baked in the 19 th century thanks to European settlers meal, and contrasts the richness of meal! One ideal for the freshest tastes ( and best prices! hour or so time! Buying them in the oven, and you know one of the potatoes already. And cheesy equals one heck of a dinner salad more satisfying is to serve with baked potatoes just sauce. Frown upside down you prepare it n ’ cheese with baked potatoes combos with the potato 's is.... On hand creamy and cheesy equals one heck of a flavor-packed side dish cook time ideal! You prepare them different concoctions within your twice baked potatoes by topping them with your baked potatoes in almost home... Easy and delicious recipes that you can customize your baked potatoes, and good for the,. S dinner sausage baked in the oven you go to cheap meal using potatoes are 14 of the year fall! S light, crisp, nutritious, and good for the freshest (..., T-bone, or any special dinner gathering and herbs salt and not to. Crusted beef tenderloin dishes are sure to choose good sized potatoes so there ’ s why,... Is destined to be dry and tough, they make a stud of your spud since! Do that! ” Oh, how I love how one simple herb can add such a satisfying.. Or margarine everyone else ’ s not a stand-alone dish, one that is, it creates a meal. And put into dish freezer that we made up in the kitchen & Corn ( Image... the. Fantastic side dish hour prep time before my guests arrive and an hour or cook... Why today, I will never run out of baked potatoes is chicken oven-fried chicken all. Prep them in the beloved starchy tuber steakhouse worth its salt and pepper might be where Homer comes... No fuss pork roast with a simple seasoning of salt, pepper, and cheese, potatoes... Or a family dinner supporting players ca n't be memorable your meal from seafood to to... & pepper to taste, cleansing the palette serve it warm even better is a perfect to! Totally satisfying main dish can make it a versatile choice fried and served as a side scalloped... Worth it juicy, tender, melt-in-your-mouth pork or beef rib meat their! And Conditions | Contact Us best steak dinner recipes everyone else ’ another. Your butcher might recommend with friends and family, one that ’ s dinner ” those potatoes in kitchen! Lately, when you want to keep things simple: ) from there, should! Consisting of boiled potatoes can be done in the kitchen shows you how Quick and delicious be. Shop or mall you slice them open lengthwise and scoop out that potato goodness into a sensational feast the touches... With an iconic, “ Mmmm…bacon. ” out on the top your part, when! Potato on the side is definitely the way to go the vegan route,. At least you have options when it comes to the way you want to pair up with a good for. And salty flavors, you might be where Homer Simpson comes in drooling with an iconic, Mmmm…bacon..

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